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Work Your Way: IT, You Are Not Alone

Often we focus on the challenges associated with IT with little consideration of the end user viewpoint.  In Cisco’s Work Your Way Global Study, completed in January of 2013, we polled over 1300 IT professionals and business-focused end users around the globe to investigate how BYOD is not only affecting IT, but how the challenges directly impact the end user experience.  We were curious to compare and contrast the different viewpoints to understand if the difficulties IT was facing had an impact on how end users get their devices on the network, access business applications and perform day-to-day activities on the move. Check out the Borderless Blog to see our awesome infographic

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Mobilizing The Internet of Everything

We’ve been hearing a lot about the transition to the Internet of Everything, and the billions of new devices that will be coming online in the next few years. But the Internet of Everything is not only about connected things, it’s about the amazing things that will happen when you connect people, process, and data with those things. And in today’s fast-moving world, these new connections must be mobile, adapting to let you work or communicate the way you choose—anywhere, without compromise.

When you support mobility with an intelligent network, the result is much more than the sum of its parts. As people, processes, data and things all join together on the Internet, the intelligent network listens, learns, and can take action to make connections more relevant and valuable.

We’re witnessing an increasingly mobile Internet of Everything taking shape around us today. For example, the Palomar Health Medical Center in San Diego is connecting its healthcare environment over a wireless network to provide a better experience for patients. So doctors can securely pull up a patient’s health record on a smart phone or tablet anywhere at the medical center. Or receive a wireless alert the moment a lab test is ready. Next generation programs include mobile robots that let patients roam around the hospital and videoconference with families and caregivers.

The possibilities are endless. How could infinite connections and an intelligent, mobile network help you save your employees time? Make their jobs easier? Or improve the way your kids learn? Learn more at The Platform blog.


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A Closer Look: Utica Community Schools Enables Anytime, Anywhere Learning

After the great success of our last K-12 webinar, it’s clear there’s a lot of interest in how mobile devices and wireless technology can play a key role in K-12 schools.

In my last post, I mentioned that I spent some time with the Utica Community School system in Utica,MI observing how they have implemented a Cisco Wireless Network solution for their schools. We now have a video case study which is listed here.

In this video, the Utica Community Schools Superintendent, Dr. Christine Johns discusses how the school system views the importance of creating a collaborative classroom which is enabled through Cisco wireless technology.

John Graham, the Executive Director of Information Technology discusses requirement that the technology must be reliable and easy to deploy and maintain. He highlights the ease of deployment with the Cisco solution including the Cisco Aironet 2600 while also providing some insight into the importance of some of Cisco’s Technology solutions such as CleanAir and Clientlink that are essential to operating a high density wireless network that is reliable on a day to day basis.

Lastly, Craig Mathias from the Farpoint Group, who recently published a white paper on the needs of the Mid-Market wireless networks  was invited to observe the network in action. Read More »

How to Watch a Webinar in Two Steps

This may seem intuitive to some of you, but just in case, here are TWO easy steps to watch a webinar on our new community (under Fun & Learning)

1. The video player with your webinar will have a play button. Hit the play button, and this screen will pop up.

  • If you already have a BrightTalk account, then login and you can watch the webinar now!
  • If you’re new, simply hit Register and follow just one more easy step.


2. Register with BrightTalk by filling in the fields and hit Proceed


Congratulations! Now you can watch all the webinars on our BrightTalk channel without any more hassle!


Take the Cisco Unified Access Challenge to WIN an Adventure of a Lifetime!



It’s easy! Just three simple steps to be in the running to win the adventure of a lifetime.

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