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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Cisco OfficeExtend for Teleworking Situations: Working from Home has Never Been Easier

Hurricane Sandy forced millions of people to stay at home last week, leaving many corporations at a loss as to how to keep their employees working from home. While this was an anomaly for many desk workers on the East Coast, it brought the growing teleworking trend into the spotlight. Many workers today work remotely for some part of the week, whether at home or on the road, and with the explosion of BYOD trends and collaboration tools making it easier to do work outside of the traditional office space, remote working will continue to grow. Based on this, it’s increasingly important for enterprises to deploy a network that can address these growing trends of workers working any place, anytime, with any device.

The Cisco OfficeExtend 600 solution helps enterprises provide remote workers with anytime connectivity by extending wireless and wired corporate network access to workers’ homes and remote office locations.  The OfficeExtend solution, built on highly secure tunneling to the corporate network, effectively mirrors the user experience and collaboration a worker would have in a corporate office. With OfficeExtend, an employee in a home or remote office has the flexibility to have a single 802.11n Dual-Radio Access Point in the home that can accommodate personal networking activities, all while securing corporate network access as well.

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Keeping It Simple Isn’t So Simple

When I first started in the technology industry—more years ago than I’d like to think—it seemed that we spoke in our own specialized lexicon. Our conversations about “users,” “plug ins,” and “floppies” probably sounded like some sort of drug culture shorthand.

Fast forward to the present. Today, my morning paper—yes, I know, how quaint—is choked with advertisements for mega-this, multi-that, and iEverything. Consumers haven’t just embraced technology; they’ve taken it over. You can see the impact everywhere. Music and movies in the palm of your hand. Cars with more connections than a dating service. And social media sites for donating to presidential campaigns.

Those of us in the industry want to believe that technology is still in the driver’s seat; that technology leads and people follow. I don’t think so anymore. Technology may innovate but consumers are at the wheel. They decide who wins—even if it isn’t necessarily the superior technology. And, like it or not, the technology industry must follow that lead.

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Blurring the Divide Between Traditional Hospitality and the Online World

Featuring a special guest post by Antonio DiMilia, Industry Director, Cisco Hospitality and Travel

Summary: Mobile devices have become staple items for many travelers.  During their stay, they expect to receive the same quality of experience in the hotel as they would receive at home or in the office. Read more to learn how Cisco is helping hoteliers adapt to the changing needs of hotel guests and lay the ground-work for the future for hotels.

The explosive growth of smart devices is constantly changing the hospitality industry and challenging hoteliers to quickly adapt to guests’ needs and expectations. By 2015, 58 percent of U.S. mobile users will have smartphones; this number is significantly higher than the 38 percent reported in 2011. One of the main reasons for this rise is the user experience smart phones provide.  I often try to imagine my life without a smart phone, along with all of the challenges I would face without it. In my line of work, it is crucial that I have mobile access to my email and Internet. Sometimes I wonder how as a society, we functioned before smartphones, and I’m assuming this is true for many others accustomed to smartphones as well. Smart devices are no longer a trend, but a reality and businesses have to adapt.

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Accenture Life Safety Solution featuring Cisco Wireless & MSE Awarded New Product of the Year

Occupational Health & Safety magazine honors the outstanding product development achievements of companies that create products which are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve workplace safety. This year, they have awarded the Accenture Life Safety Solution, a wireless-enabled multi-gas detection system that helps protect workers in potentially hazardous environments, as industrial hygiene product of the year.

Developed by a partnership between Cisco, Accenture, Industrial Scientific, and AeroScout, the Accenture Life Safety Solution links wireless infrastructure and location-based technologies to gas detectors. These detectors are classified as multi-gas, meaning each device can detect hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and oxygen. With the innovative product, enterprises can now lookout for the safety of their employees on their company grounds by being able to monitor incidents and to locate workers in hazardous locations. Manufacturing and industrial industries are known to be particularly difficult to deploy reliable wireless due to steel infrastructure or harsh interference environments, but the solution is designed specifically for enterprises in these situations.

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Cisco Unified Wireless Software Release 7.3 Brings Unprecedented Scale & Reliability to WLAN

Cisco Wireless Release 7.3 delivers an expanded mobility portfolio with innovations for unprecedented scale, mission critical reliability and flexibility to help customers address and benefit from the bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) trend.

A key component of our Unified Access solution’s One Network, the new software release 7.3 delivers scale, virtualization, high resiliency, and Service Provider Wi-Fi features.  We designed the release to focus on four key areas:

  1. Scale: Industry leading scale to cost effectively manage 64000 clients and 6000 access points in a single Rack unit (1RU) with the new Cisco 8500 series wireless controller. The Flex7500 expands support for managing larger sized branches  (up to 100 AP) over the WAN.
  2. Virtualization: A virtual form-factor controller for medium-sized deployments with the Virtual Wireless Controller provides flexibility of deploying a virtual instance of the wireless controller on a Cisco UCS server or any ESXi server.
  3. Resiliency: Insuring faster network convergence is essential in mission critical networks. Access point Stateful switch over (SSO) enables network convergence in sub seconds insuring no SSID outage during controller fail-over events. Dedicated standby controllers enable cost effectively deploying 1:1 High Availability with Access point SSO.
  4. Service provider Wi-Fi innovation: WFA Passpoint (HotSpot 2.0) ensures secure public connectivity and Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) enables seamless IP mobility between cellular and Wi-Fi.

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