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My first iPhone!

Excitement, anticipation, and a bit of anxiety. 3-2-1-Submit:  it was done: I’d just ordered my first iPhone! I’m not your typical fangirl—I loved my trusty  Droid for 2 years, but couldn’t help wondering what the iPhone fuss is all about and had to test out the “Apple way” for myself.

It’s clear I’m not the only one jumping on the bandwagon. Within three days, the iPhone 5 sold over five million units! And that’s not all. Apple is estimated to have sold  over 12 million units by the end of the month! iPhone users aren’t the only ones exploding the market. Google reported that in September 2012, there were over 1.3 million Android activations every day.

We’ve been promised speed, high performance and simplicity. In my mind, I should automatically be able to use my new device to connect with family and friends. Equally as important to me is the ability to access my work email and calendar, painlessly jump on a webex conference call and access Cisco’s intranet for up to date company information.

Don’t you feel the same way about your network? You should be able to painlessly and seamlessly manage your security policy, network management, and network architecture without having to maintain statuses of multiple solutions. With enhanced Unified Access, now you can do just that. (Learn more in our upcoming webinar)

Unified Access combines One Policy, One Management and One Network to create one platform to show us what’s possible. It’s the best way to prepare an organization for the deluge of devices coming onto the network, but given the fact that most companies are currently utilizing multiple solutions to patch up their different networking problems, we know that it’s not necessarily simple to understand exactly what Unified Access is and how it makes the most sense for you.

That’s why Chris Spain, Cisco VP of Product Marketing, is hosting a webinar with  a featured analyst firm who will discuss market trends.  Chris will then take a deeper look into Unified Access and how this innovative IT platform can help enterprise IT managers.

  • How can you create the flexible architecture you need to combine the wired and wireless network?
  • How can Unified Access address difficulty with identity, security and management?

To answer these questions and more, be sure to join us for our live webcast and Q&A next week on Wednesday, October 10th.  Register Now!

Geek out with Unified Access: Techwise TV

You read about the problem with “Too Many Remotes” last week with Frank Petkovitch—the IT world has a “band-aid” problem: one solution for each fix, resulting in disparate, disjointed solutions that don’t quite fit together under one fabric, requiring countless hours of valuable time and effort to maintain properly.

Lucky for you, Cisco’s enhanced Unified Access solution announced yesterday at Interop NY solves that problem: no more band-aids, just a single-pane-of-glass for policy, management, and network. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Join our favorite geeks Robb Boyd and Jimmy Rae Purser as they take us on a comprehensive overview of what Unified Access offers by dissecting the unified solution into one policy, one management, one network.

Discover what’s possible with Unified Access this week at Interop NY.

Next week on Wednesday, October 10, we’re holding a special webinar with Gartner so you can see how Cisco Unified Access can empower you and your company to gain new levels of visibility, flexibility, and control required to level up to greater business innovation. Register to learn more about our groundbreaking solution unification and how it can help your enterprise.

Summary: Cisco Unified Access Shines at Interop New York

Many of us are at Interop New York this week and we’re very excited. In New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg runs the entire city from an iPad.  Tablets and smartphones enable new and innovative ways to engage employees, guests and customers; the technology tantalizes with the promise of business transformation. More organizations are allowing mobile and personal devices for work use. But there are also many challenges for IT during these technology transitions.  IT is struggling to keep up with the latest mobility trends.

As you know, we first launched Cisco Unified Access about 3 months ago at Cisco Live in San Diego.  Now at Interop New York, we are announcing a number of significant enhancements to the Cisco Unified Access solutions. Our enhanced solution enables IT to spend less time running the network and more time collaborating and innovating with the lines of business.  If IT organizations want to have a seat at the table and impact the business, a strong and agile IT platform is required, this becomes a business differentiator and will enable business transformation.

This is what Cisco Unified Access is all about – One Policy, One Management, One Network, enabling the IT platform to discover what is possible with the business.

Read the full article at Cisco Unified Access Shines at Interop New York.

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Cisco Unified Workspace Helps Schools Adopt BYOD with Ease

I’m switching gears from last week’s Public Sector BYOD Thursday blog on BYOD in the government – it’s time to talk about education!

While I was visiting my 6 year old niece in Denver last week, she amazed me with her agility when navigating the iPad.  I watched in awe as she surfed the American Girl website, downloaded videos from YouTube, and played games.  With children engaging so well with personal devices, it’s no wonder educators want to leverage technology as a learning tool.

While a BYOD-friendly environment certainly lends itself to greater productivity, mobility, flexibility and employee satisfaction, it also raises certain challenges, especially in education settings. After all, when it comes to schools, we’re not just talking about employees; staff, teachers and, most importantly, students all must be taken into consideration.

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MSE Blog Series Part 1: How to Optimize Your CleanAir Experience

This is the first in series of blogs discussing various features of the Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE), an integral, yet often overlooked component that can turbocharge your existing interference detection capabilities. This post describes MSE and how it can help locate interference in your wireless network.

So you have a CleanAir Solution comprised of top-grade, enterprise-class Cisco access points and controllers: finally, a network of minimized interference.

But what happens when a rogue device intrudes on your peaceful network? How can you maintain crisp, fast wireless performance?

Luckily for you, the enterprise-class wireless experience enabled by CleanAir technology can be further enhanced and maintained with Cisco’s Mobility Services Engine (MSE).

MSE is a platform on which you can run services like Context Aware Service (CAS), Wireless Intrusion Prevention Service (wIPS), and Mobile Concierge, all of which are services that can help in monitoring your wireless infrastructure. Designed to integrate with existing CleanAir infrastructure, MSE is a ground-breaking technology that allows network administrators to achieve extremely high quality, interference-less wireless performance.

How exactly does it do this?

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