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Mythbusters: Unified Access Edition: Part 1

There’s been a lot of buzz around our recent Cisco Unified Access Solution announcement. We understand there is also some confusion around what’s what, what’s required for Unified Access, and what the impact will be on IT.

In true Mythbuster fashion, let’s all discover why no myth is safe – through a 5-part series of posts. In this series, we’ll look at some of the most common myths that have been floating around and unveil the truth.

Myth 1: Moving to the Cisco Unified Access solution requires the complete replacement of the existing access switch infrastructure.

This is pure fiction. Cisco has always promoted that the network infrastructure should evolve and we understand that different organizations will feel the impact of the Internet of Things, mobility and BYOD at different times and will address them differently. The new Cisco Unified Access solution provides you flexible deployment options, including separate wired and wireless, converged access, cloud-managed, and more. The deployment model chosen will depend upon the lifecycle of the existing infrastructure.

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Announcing Cisco Advanced Location Services Availability

You heard about the new features packed into Cisco Wireless Release 7.4 before the holidays. We are now unveiling the 7.4 Release for the Mobility Services Engine, and I am excited to announce the General Availability of Cisco Advanced Location Services for the Mobility Services Engine (MSE), a capability that enables Cisco Connected Experiences.

MSECisco Connected Mobile Experiences allows enterprises and service providers to detect, connect and engage their end users on their Wi-Fi network, enabling them to communicate with relevant mobile content. The star feature of our new software release is Cisco Advanced Location Services, which includes Location Analytics and Mobile Concierge. Location Analytics provide real-time location analytics gathered from the Wi-Fi network, alongside historical trends, enabling greater visibility into customer movements and patterns through trending data.

Mobile Concierge allows engaging users through a native app on a smartphone. It also includes the Mobile Concierge SDK, a developer’s kit that provides an easy-to-use approach to developing mobile applications that leverage location data from the MSE.

Cisco MSE Datasheet

Cisco MSE Licensing and Ordering Guide

Cisco MSE Product Overview

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences At-A-Glance

For more information on the Mobility Services Engine, see

For more information on Connected Mobile Experiences, see



Wireless Field Day 4! UPDATED with VIDEOS


Up first was Mark Denny and Brian Hart with an update on 802.11ac at Cisco.


Next was Jeevan Patil on the Wireless Controller 5760 and Converged Access (demo by Devesh Thanvi)


Followed by Jagdish Girimaji talking about Connected Mobile Experiences (demo by Mir Alami)


Sanjit Biswas gave a quick update of the Cisco-Meraki acquisition and where things are right now.


Closing shop was Sean Rhea, who discussed Meraki Backend Infrastructure.


That’s all folks! See you next WFD!

Two Days Until Wireless Field Day 4 at Cisco..featuring Meraki!

In just two short days, we’ll be hosting the lovely Tech Field Day delegates once again at Cisco for Wireless Field Day 4!Tcisco

From 9:30-12:30, we will be hosting Wireless Field Day with our engineers from Cisco’s Wireless Networking Group (WNG).  It’s going to be a great session, covering Converged Access with the new IOS-based Wireless LAN Controller 5760, delve into the details of our exciting Cisco Mobility Services Engine-driven mobility solution Connected Mobile Experiences, and with a special feature from our friends at Meraki.

  • 9:30-10:30*  Jeevan Patil presents Converged Access with Wireless LAN Controller 5760
  • 10:30-11:30  Jagdish Girimaji presents Connected Mobile Experiences
  • 11:30-12:30 Sean Rhea presents Meraki Backend Infrastructure

*All times are in PST

We’ll have updates on the mobility blog ( and you can also visit or follow the hashtag #WFD4 on Twitter.


Work Your Way: IT, You Are Not Alone

Often we focus on the challenges associated with IT with little consideration of the end user viewpoint.  In Cisco’s Work Your Way Global Study, completed in January of 2013, we polled over 1300 IT professionals and business-focused end users around the globe to investigate how BYOD is not only affecting IT, but how the challenges directly impact the end user experience.  We were curious to compare and contrast the different viewpoints to understand if the difficulties IT was facing had an impact on how end users get their devices on the network, access business applications and perform day-to-day activities on the move. Check out the Borderless Blog to see our awesome infographic

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