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A School in Paradise Gets the Wireless Network of its Dreams

Today schools have two primary goals: educating children and keeping thempunahou-school-220x140 safe. For the largest coeducational, independent K-12 school on a single campus in the United States, that goal is doubly difficult because their campus spans 60 buildings over 77 acres. The large area coupled with the unique architecture—most campus buildings lack interior hallways and have doors that open to the outdoors—Punahou School in Hawai’i had interesting hurdles to overcome to update their facility.

In order to maintain better security, the school updated its 2006 Cisco Wireless network to a more modern solution. This new Cisco solution—which has seen the amount of access points grow to over 300 devices and also included  a variety of Cisco Catalyst switches—allowed the Punahou School to take advantage of the Internet of Everything (IoE).

Whether it’s wireless door locks or high-definition security cameras monitoring the campus or even campus lighting and temperature control, the entire upgrade is being run through an updated Cisco network.

And as they say in Hawai’i, the proof is in the Poi. Read More »

Voice over Wi-Fi and You

AS91469-1Wi-Fi Calling, or voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi), is a setting that many people are currently using on their mobile devices, though some may be surprised to know that they’re even using it. The basic idea of how VoWiFi works is: instead of making phone calls over a cellular network, mobile devices chose a wireless network when that option is available.

As more people learn about VoWiFi, it Read More »

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Cisco Tackles Australian Rugby League Networking Problems

Ask anyone who’s witnessed a match; rugby is one of the tougHAI72477ahest sports in the world. But, as the National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia recently found out: running a
rugby league without a robust wireless network infrastructure can be even tougher.

Recently the NRL, which is the top rugby league in Australia and New Zealand, moved its league offices to Sydney. With its new headquarters, the league felt this was the right time to update their network infrastructure to fit its evolving needs. The NRL wanted create a new outbound call center to drive club membership and the ability to support a rapidly growing mobile workforce.

With a third of their 600 employees being mobile, the NRL felt it was important that their new solution allowed people to work from any location and have the same user experience as if they were in the NRL offices. In addition, they wanted only one vendor to provide the unified data center and communication solution. Read More »

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Nevotek and CMX—Help Hotels Connect with Guests

A CMX Partner Ecosystem Blog

Ecosystem partners are an important adjunct to Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX). They augment the analytic and customer engagement capabilities of the solution with innovative business outcomes. This blog is one in a series that highlights our CMX Ecosystem Partners. Today—Nevotek.


Nevotek integrates IP voice, data, and video into a robust suite of solutions that help companies make the most of their IP assets. Nevotek’s V/IP Connect hospitality solution is focused on enhancing guest experience and has been compatible with Cisco IP phones and Unified Communications Manager for more than fifteen years. Over the last year, this partnership has extended to Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX). Working with CMX, Nevotek’s V/IP Connect Solution provides the opportunity to offer more personalized location based services to hotel guests.

V/IP Connect is a boon for hotel operators. Not only can they Read More »

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Cisco Mobility Express Solution and Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences Bring Enterprise Class Solutions to Small/Medium Hospitality

In the highly competitive hospitality industry, seamless, consistent and fast Wi-Fi connections and analytics can greatly influence revenue and guest satisfaction. With the Cisco Mobility Express Solution— an enterprise class Wi-Fi in a simple, affordable solution designed for small to medium deployments— combined with the Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Cisco’s location-based solution, everyone can have a five-star experience.

ME hos1

  • Guests aren’t the only ones who need reliable Wi-Fi to keep business moving forward. Mobility Express Solutions can help keep everyone connected, your guests and staff included, on a single combined network.
  • Or easily partition a secure guest Wi-Fi network for guests and visitors to use.
  • Operating a smaller hotel doesn’t equal small Wi-Fi options. Cisco’s Mobility Express provides enterprise class wireless solutions for small and medium-deployments.

ME hos2

  • No dedicated IT staff? No problem! Mobility Express Solutions can be deployed within five minutes – all backed with Cisco innovation.
  • No need to watch the clock. In just ten minutes, Mobility Express Solutions can provide fast and secure Wi-Fi with Cisco-backed connectivity.

ME hos3

  • Real-time information on your hotel’s most popular locations can greatly influence your bottom line. Whether it’s a point-of-sale system at the front desk, restaurant or gift shop, Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences analytics puts that information at your fingertips.

ME hos4

  • Want to optimize customer engagement? Connect with them where they connect with your network using Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experiences analytics.

From cozy bed and breakfasts to mid-size business-focused hotels, Cisco Mobility Express and Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences solutions provide the insights and analytics operators need to revitalize and personalize guest engagement and business objectives.

Visit our Mobility Express Solutions and Connected Mobile Experiences pages to see how Cisco can help you make the business decisions that keep guests coming back.

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