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Mobility Generation: A Father’s Day Epistle

My daughter graduated middle school this week. Sitting in the warm gym, listening to a very articulate 8th grader deliver the commencement address, I found my mind wandering down other paths. Traditionally, I think, this was the moment when flashbacks of your little girl as a baby come to mind: digging out our driveway in Connecticut in her first psychedelic snowsuit; in a mask and fins in Maui pointing at a colorful butterfly fish 10 feet under the surface; bouncing in a tube along Lake Tahoe behind a motorboat. It was that classic moment in every father’s life when Jerry Garcia’s Touch of Grey hits home.”It’s a lesson to meThe deltas and the east and the freezeThe ABC’s we all think ofTry to give a little love.” Read More »

Missing the Trees by Looking for the Forest

Kathy’s comments on payback mirror some of the recent conversations I have had with customers. It seems that in an endless quest to find the killer application, we often ignore the little, but highly valuable ones that lay just below our noses. Just last week, I was espousing the benefits of our location services capabilities to an attentive customer. Impressing upon them the potential richness of our solution, I touched on asset tracking, location-based access control and location aware VoWLAN call routing. Read More »


I had the opportunity to meet with a customer yesterday who was new to his organization, joining his company in a senior level position. He came from a competitor who had wireless in their offices but the new organization did not. Clearly he was going to do something about this. His top of mind concern was as an IT organization, he believed it would be difficult to recruit the best empolyees if they did not have a WLAN; fearing potential candidates would perceive them as luddites (my word choice). Naturally I agreed and continued on with a discussion of productivity, connected meetings, etc. He listened for awhile and then interrupted me to ask one of his team members to investigate how much money they could save on toner. Huh? With a WLAN and laptops they could eliminate (color) hard copy handouts that were routinely used for internal meetings. Payback --it’s never what you think.

It’s Not About the Access Point

“Ĺ“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.” -- Lance ArmstrongI have been thinking a lot about Lance Armstrong this spring. I am in the market for a new bike, looking to re-ignite my quest to someday ride in the Pyrenees, a lifelong dream. On an off, I have ridden for over 2 decades, about the same amount of time I have been in or around the mobility business. Mobility is an obsession, the desire to connect/unwire/touch something from a distance, wherever, whenever you are.Today I write courtesy of a Mesh AP painting my backyard with a little 802.11. 15 years ago it was a slower — but then promising — CDPD modem connected to a “notebook” computer 4 times the size of my Thinkpad. The same underlying desires and dreams were and are still there for us in the mobility business. If I could paraphrase Lance: “It’s not about the access point.” Read More »

The First Mobile Phone Call – Alexander Graham Bell Strikes Again

Peter Judge Mobility Editor of Techworld shared this tidbit with me todayOn February 22,1880 Alexander Graham Bell and his cousin Charles Bell communicated over the Photophone, a remarkable invention conceived of by Bell and executed by Sumner Tainter. [Grosvenor] This device transmitted voice over a light beam. A person’s voice projected through a glass test tube toward a thin mirror which acted as a transmitter. Acoustical vibrations caused by the voice produced like or sympathetic vibrations in the mirror.