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Your Network’s Worst Enemy

Wireless networks have matured to the point where security is no longer their primary concern. More and more I am hearing from customers that their primary issue these days is interference. Read More »

What is Enterprise Ready WLAN?

Has anyone noticed the large number of “enterprise class” wireless devices being delivered to the market that only support the 2.4Ghz spectrum? Read More »

What’s up with MIMO?

With all of the recent talk about 802.11n, I am frequently asked to explain what is MIMO and its benefits. I suspect this may require a few blog sessions, so today I thought I’d focus on multipath and antenna configurations. Read More »

802.11n — Why now, why not?

There has certainly been a good deal of industry discussion, or should I say a good dose of vendor hype, around the new emerging standard for Wi-Fi, 802.11n. Through all of the wild-eyed claims of performance increases and radical shifts in the world of enterprise networking, I thought I would offer up some humble (or maybe a bit beyond humble) perspectives on the state of enterprise Wi-Fi, the emerging 802.11n standard, and what customers really need to consider on this front: Read More »

“Too Long A Sacrifice”: Thoughts on Muni Wi-Fi

Readers Note: this is second blog relating to thoughts on my dual-mode device.”Hearts with one purpose aloneThrough summer and winter seemEnchanted to a stoneTo trouble the living stream.” – W.B. Yeats, “Easter 1916″I am in a literary mood this labor day and I was thinking about the seminal poem on the Irish revolution, whereby W.B. Yeats noted that”too long a sacrifice/can make a stone of the heart.” To this, the Muni Wi-Fi cottage industry, of which we at Cisco are, to be fair, members, has wrestled with business models and performance claims. With the delay of the much heralded San Francisco network, and its attendant issues all around to service providers, digital inclusion partners, and, yes, equipment vendors, it is clear we have now ended Muni Wi-Fi’s”summer of discontent.” Read More »