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Wi-Fi Security and the State of California

The California State Government recently passed a bill to mandate that manufacturers of consumer grade Wi-Fi products attach labels to warn consumers on the dangers of not securing their wireless networks. The hope is that with more visible warnings, consumers will understand the need for wireless security and take steps to enable security settings. Education is always a good thing. Thus educating consumers on the need for greater wireless security cannot be a bad idea. Still, the extent to which the government needs to be involved is up for debate. I can see the value in advising consumers on how to protect their sensitive information. Let’s face it; I don’t want my next door neighbor taking a peak every time I log in to do some online banking. Yet selfishly, as an avid”borrower” of free Wi-Fi, I hate to see too many networks locked down -for fear of never being able to find free connectivity again. Read More »

RF and the Highway System

Over the past few months there have been 2 distinct technical threads in the wireless industry regarding RF. There are those who claim all RF problems will be solved in the standards bodies, a rote exercise for chip and system manufacturers building wireless products. There are others -including myself --who believe the real RF challenges are still in front of us and still remain to be solved. At the Bard of New England, Robert Frost suggested, oh Mobility Blog faithful, there is your role:”a jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.” Read More »

A wireless shopping experience

Wireless LAN, RFID, 802.11, Wi-Fi all these words ring a bell but you still have a hard time figuring out how this will impact your daily life and what is so exceptional about Mobility. This video should help you understand how your shopping experience can be transformed…If you cannot see the video in the screen below, click on the following link

Finding the Right Mix with Wi-Fi

Communications has been irrevocably changed by Wi-Fi. For a great example of how far we’ve come in just 10 short years, take a look at My Life B.W., Before Wi-Fi. But while Wi-Fi in mobile devices is becoming more and more commonplace, Wi-Fi infrastructure is not yet ubiquitous. Cellular networks have Wi-Fi beat today, despite 125,000 (and growing) public hotspots. So I’m puzzled over the target market for the Sony mylo (My Life On Line). It’s billed as a”personal communicator” but it’s only connectivity is Wi-Fi. Read More »

The Long Tail of Mobility: Connecting Trillions of People and Devices on the Human Network

In his book on changing economics of web commerce, The Long Tail, Chris Anderson illustrates how the Internet is changing the laws of distribution from digital products from entertainment (movies and CDs) to manufactured products Wireless networks are, too, growing a long tail, as billions, maybe even, trillions, of devices are being connected to an increasing pervasive and integrated array of wireless networks powering the mobility generation. Read More »