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How to tell if Mobility is a necessity?

There have been good discussions on this site about mobility and how it has been deployed in interesting ways, nearly absorbed in the DNA of how we conduct business. But how do we determine if it is a business necessity and not a nice to have? Here are my top 10 signs mobility is on the cusp of being more than a nice to have:1. It is pervasive, not just in conference rooms or in the hands of the sales people.2. The early adopters don’t need a business case in order to invest in it -imagine if you had to create a business case for email3. The hockey stick analyst forecasts charts now look like baseball bats-. it is summer after all4. My doctor weighed me prior to my annual checkup and was not concerned that my Treo was attached to my belt 5. You can get high speed and decent coverage indoors, outdoors, except when your device turned off 6. Wi-Fi was an answer to a Jeopardy question last week in the rhyme-time category 7. Flight attendants ask you to turn off WiFi devices as part of their boarding announcements8. Business travelers select hotels based on in-room wireless to be able to use their laptop while stretching out on the”heavenly bed”9. Now that the job market has picked up, you turn down a position because they don’t have a wireless network.10. Give me your best reason here

Mobility, In Human Time

We of the Mobile Visions blog love it when a blog sparks a reader to post a comment. First of all, it shows that there is life beyond the typeface, but more importantly it provides a sanity check for our ideas. I noticed that Alan’s Instant Mobility post inspired a reader to write in (see the comment section). The reader claims that the need for continuous mobility is overstated. In fact, the reader makes the statement that he’d rather do without it in favor of conducting business at a much slower pace. I believe the phrase he used was “in human time”. Read More »

Romance and Wi-Fi – Locating A Match

Yesterday, I found myself day dreaming while I was at work. Sitting at my desk, I was lost in the land of what-if. I used to do this in high school about boys I thought were cute. Now, I do it about products that I’m driving to market. Yes, I day dreamed about applications for location services. This isn’t to say that romance in the head is dead. It’s just that, like all good platforms, the human brain can be used for many applications. As I wandered off into fantasy land, I tried to imagine how our clever customers and creative partners will use our free Wireless Location Appliance API to create exciting, innovative, and useful new applications for location services. Here are some ideas…. Read More »

Instant Mobility: FEDEX Meets Instant Karma!

For WHATEVER REASON, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about music and Matt Glenn’s columns, thinking how a music provides an explosion of ideas -some good, some bad, some part of our society and some confined to the dustbin of history -rocketing across our society for the past few hundred years without the ubiquity of the Internet, currently”googling” us down the yellow brick superhighway. Read More »

The NYSE and the future of Wireless WiFi networks

Quite often you find an organization that pushes a technology to the edge of its capability so as to provide a glimpse into the future of that technology. The NYSE and the wireless network installed across the NYSE trading floor is one of those cases. Read More »