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Wi-Fi Cars, Tools, and Shopping Carts – Changing The Way We Do Business

In keeping with Matt Glenn’s ‘car themed’ blogs (1, 2) last week – here’s an example of an implementation of Wi-Fi with cars……Newsweek’s March 5th article titled”Marketing: Ads Made for You“.This article describes how individuals, zipping by in their cars, can activate a billboard to display messaging that is personalized just for them. This is made possible by a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag on the car that is detected by a wireless infrastructure that includes location services. The article goes on to talk about using RFID in supermarkets to push out advertising to shopping carts based on their location within the store. RFID is changing the way we run businesses, communicate, and track items, events, and people…. Read More »

Tax Evasion and Matt (TEAM)

It is tax time again. Time to go visit your accountant, buy some tax software, or just do it online. It is during this time of year that I usually take up new hobbies – anything to keep me away from the ritual of tax preparation. My family has a $10 opt-in pool on when I will announce to them what I’ll be doing that year to avoid getting my taxes ready. The person who is closest to the date without going over (Price is Right rules) wins the pool. Here are some examples of past hobbies:* A trip to Costa Rica to relearn surfing * Learning to ride a unicycle* Going on the road with Phish for a month* My vision quest to Tibet This year I’ve taken up a new hobby, visiting Second Life. What’s great about wireless is that I can constantly live in second life so that I don’t have to live my real one. Read More »

Destination Dubai: Human Software as a Mobility Service (Part 1 of 2)

In The World is Flat, Tom Friedman writes about how human as well as digital”software” is required to make a society work. This includes: medical care, education, effective legal systems, etc.I am just back from my first trip to Dubai and can affirm that the Emirates, in addition to building the world’s largest buildings and shopping malls, are pioneering another first: transforming human software into a service through importing and maintaing human talent. Read More »

The Dreaded Car Computer

I’m on a car thing- Specifically how to merge cars and wireless- Wireless enables mobility, and the most mobile thing I have is my car. So bringing the two together, so that I can stay mobile, seems like a pretty good thing. Willie Nelson once sang,”You are always on my mind-“Right now I’m singing,”My car is on my mind-“Here’s why- I have two cars. One looks like this and the other looks like this- The more expensive one is currently in the shop, which means I’m a racking up bills and thinking about my youth.When I was younger I used to love to give my cars tune-ups, change the oil, and swap the brakes out- that sort of thing. Any of you real ‘gear heads’ out there will agree that there is no feeling (or smell) quite as sweet as dumping a few quarts of syrupy black goodness into the local sewer so it can make its way out to sea. Read More »

The best wireless protocol for my commute (or how to find a mate at a snail’s pace or 70 Miles Per

Multiple times per I drive from my home in San Francisco to building 14 at Cisco’s campus in San Jose-It is not a short drive. Like commuters everywhere I listen to the Radio (NPR, Adam Carolla, and Sports Radio – thank you). But like every other MTV generation Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). person on the road my mind wanders. Usually I drift off when commercials are on regular radio and NPR is doing a story about endangered earth worms living on a fault in downtown Los Angeles. It is at times like this that I turn to one of my favorite distractions. Looking at other drivers on the road and trying to figure out something about them. More specifically (and I don’t know how politically incorrect this is) I try to figure which women are single. So, being a geek-a-zoid, I’ve decided to write about what the best wireless protocol would be for my new web 2.0 wirelessly-enabled social networking idea: Car-Matchster. Read More »