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Is Your Wireless Network Protected from RF Interference?

Can your wireless network quickly detect and mitigate radio frequency (RF) interference?  Watch this fun video to see how Cisco CleanAir technology automates the detection of a broad range of RF interference sources and takes immediate action to optimize WLAN performance.

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Is Your Network Tuned for Maximum Performance?

In the United States, the Fourth of July is synonymous with weekend getaways, backyard barbeques, fireworks, and, for those of us fortunate to live near a body of water… water sports.   And so it was on this fourth of July, I found myself sitting in the garage staring at the inner workings of my 1988 MasterCraft ski boat.  My boat was my firstborn child – I loved it, cared for it, and pampered it.  This weekend, it got very sick…  it coughed and wheezed and stalled, though it valiantly tried to plod on across our local waterways.

Diagnosing my boat’s malady reminded me of just how far technology has come in the last decade.  My boat, being an older model, has little in the way of computers or electronic controls, while newer models offer state-of-the-art computers and diagnostic systems that increase performance and decrease likeliness of failure.

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Cisco Wireless AP Survivor Stories – Floods, fires, forklifts and more!

Read on for a chance to win by submitting your own “AP Survivor” story.

It’s said there are two things in life you can rely on: death and taxes. We’ve been hearing from our customers, and you might be able to add a third to that list – Cisco Wireless Access Points. There are over 8 million APs deployed worldwide in every environment imaginable, from carpeted offices to hospitals, manufacturing, schools and even outdoor areas. Unfortunately, they can go through some pretty catastrophic events and unintended uses through these varied surroundings. But, many survive and even come out functioning like the day they arrived. We’ve collected a few stories to share with you, so read on for real-world AP survivor stories direct from our customers, and a chance to submit your own and win. Remember kids, don’t try this at home!


Survivor: Cisco Aironet 1250 Series Access Point, Full Water Submersion

This Cisco Aironet 1250 Series Access Point comes to us from a regional hospital, still working perfectly after water poured over it for hours. A chill-pipe broke on the first floor of the building, making its way through every opening imaginable, down the elevators shafts and into the basement. Our customer described the scene as “a rain forest during its wet season – ‘water everywhere’.” To make things worse, the AP was directly in front of the elevator shaft, where water was “literally flowing like a water fall”. However, the 1250 Seriesaccess point did not go down! It is still functioning today as it was prior to the flood.

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    LeBron James Needs Cisco TelePresence

    The helicopters are flying over Bath, Ohio and everyone is waiting for the big decision.  Yesterday LeBron James became the most celebrated free agent of our time, starting a multimillion dollar bidding war.  What will LeBron do?  Where will he go?  Will he stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers?  All I could think about last night was how he could really benefit from Cisco TelePresence.  I’d be happy to offer up our Richfield office TelePresence room so that he can have discussions with other teams and coaches.  

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    New Integrated In-Building Cellular and Wi-Fi Solution Meets Demand for Borderless Mobility

    The demand among organizations is growing for indoor Wi-Fi and cellular coverage that supports enterprise connectivity with no degradation of wireless services and offers a low total cost of ownership.

    To meet this demand, Cisco and MobileAccess have announced a new Integrated In-Building Cellular and Wi-Fi Solution.  This innovative solution delivers a pervasive and reliable borderless mobility experience for both cellular and Wi-Fi networks by using an organization’s existing LAN infrastructure. 

    This integrated solution cost-effectively distributes cellular RF signals inside buildings by using an organization’s existing Category 5/6 Ethernet cabling. This flexible approach lets organizations add cellular coverage and expand their Cisco Unified Wireless Network at a significantly lower installation cost and in less than half the deployment time of other in-building cellular solutions.

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