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Wi-Fi Gurus?: Hear the Latest Podcast with Jim Geier

Where the WLAN industry is going….—interview-podcast.html

Mobility and the Connected Life

Mobility and the Connected LifeMy partners on the service provider side of the Cisco house are sponsoring a contest called “Help Design Your Connected Life.” We are inviting entries from people (ages 13 and older) to participate.The idea behind the contest is to generate innovative ideas for a connected life (one of my favorites, using your cell phone to pay for your Starbuck’s coffee). The contest runs through September 14, 2007. The grand prize is $10,000 and there are ten runner-up $1000 prizes being given away as well. We are accepting both written and video entries. Note that Cisco employees (and their families) are not eligible to participate in the contest. Even those of us who blog!The “official rules” are here.So what do you think, do you have a good suggestion for the Connected Life?

Assuaging Paraskevidekatriaphobia

I’ve never been overly superstitious. No salt over the shoulder if I spilled some, not worried about black cats crossing my path (which is only thought of as unlucky in North America -in the rest of the world, a black cat crossing your path is good luck!), didn’t worry about 7 years of bad luck if I broke a mirror.But many people are. It comes from generations of our elders repeating these as truths to us. Old wives tales, as sometimes they’re called. It doesn’t hurt to believe in them as long as they aren’t taken too far. And it’s fun to imagine how they evolved. Read More »

The RF Superhighway

In 1970, my uncle moved his branch of the clan out to Southern California, fleeing the dreaded Northeast winters, congestion and a dwindling set of personal opportunities (during a tough economic time). My father visited his brother in the sun-kissed paradise of a new suburb, watching my uncle brag: “look at all this land; look at these new roads and open space. This is paradise.”Forty years later, southern California, while still beautiful, has some of the worst commutes and densities of any metropolitan regions in the U.S. And, with the take off of Enterprise Wi-Fi and the continuing explosion of consumer wireless technologies (including, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and others), will the worldwide wireless market look like SoCal during rush hour or something less congested? Read More »

Mobilizing the Human Network: Part 1

Last week I finally go it. Mobility in the Web 2.0 world is about seamless integrating the experience between the physical world and the digital world when you are moving. Today, we have an increasing part of our economy dependent on information gathering, shopping, and now, creating community on the Internet. Leading merchants and commerce communities like Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and CNET are blending product information, shopping and user reviews/comments to re-personalize the information and advice loop for a range of products. Read More »