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The RF Superhighway

In 1970, my uncle moved his branch of the clan out to Southern California, fleeing the dreaded Northeast winters, congestion and a dwindling set of personal opportunities (during a tough economic time). My father visited his brother in the sun-kissed paradise of a new suburb, watching my uncle brag: “look at all this land; look at these new roads and open space. This is paradise.”Forty years later, southern California, while still beautiful, has some of the worst commutes and densities of any metropolitan regions in the U.S. And, with the take off of Enterprise Wi-Fi and the continuing explosion of consumer wireless technologies (including, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and others), will the worldwide wireless market look like SoCal during rush hour or something less congested? Read More »

Mobilizing the Human Network: Part 1

Last week I finally go it. Mobility in the Web 2.0 world is about seamless integrating the experience between the physical world and the digital world when you are moving. Today, we have an increasing part of our economy dependent on information gathering, shopping, and now, creating community on the Internet. Leading merchants and commerce communities like Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and CNET are blending product information, shopping and user reviews/comments to re-personalize the information and advice loop for a range of products. Read More »

Nature Will Find a Way: Security and Mobility

One of our readers wrote in recently on the Mobility Quotient to ask about security.Actually, he was very prescient. Security is a top line issue for Mobility and came out strongly in the research. We found that most companies did not monitor their air space for wireless threats (e.g., rogue access points) and that many companies may have been out of compliance from a PCI/HIPPA or other regulatory perspective. In general, security, rather than cost, as an inhibitor to mobility initiatives, especially in large enterprises. Read More »

What’s Your Mobilty IQ?

It’s natural to blend our two lives -work and personal. Who hasn’t shopped for a Christmas gift at work, or downloaded a song. And likewise, who hasn’t spent time at home working in the evenings -the tradeoff for leaving early one afternoon to meet a friend or see a child’s school program. So it’s not surprising then to see that mobility technologies have made their way into the workplace in a substantial way. A new survey, the Cisco Mobility Quotient, of businesses around the globe reveals what many of us live every day: that mobility is a part of human life, and we’ve brought it into the workplace whether IT likes it or not. Wireless LAN usage is at 65%, while the majority also report that laptops and smart phones have been deployed. Read More »

You Business Moves With You

“Ĺ“Every day sees humanity more victorious in the struggle with space and time.” Guglielmo MarconiThis week we are bringing a new, expanded view of business mobility to the marketplace. Traditionally, mobility’s chasm was a cell phone: most people defined mobility by the device they carried. While devices play a key role in how mobility can be experienced, mobility is more than cell phones or smart phones. It is more than wireless networks. It is more than voice applications or satellite communications. Business Mobility is being about to interact, to complete, to experience:- collaboration among people, – insight into data and processes, and – awareness and utilization of assets (people or things) These are capabilities tthat you would have when you are in the office, when, simply you are not -whether you are moving around your office/campus, are on the go, at home or half way around the world. Business Mobility is about the experience of business when you are not in the office. It is about experience not devices. Read More »