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Wireless Strategies that Help you Save to Invest – Part 1

As I was negotiating for budget to fund certain projects last week, I thought that many of you must go through the same process in your organizations to get budget for projects and investments you deem valuable. Problem is, to win in this negotiation one has to prove their proposals have value and a high ROI. In this multi-part blog series I will be discussing different wireless strategies you can employ to increase your ROI from a Cisco WLAN deployment. In the process I hope to arm you with some tools to help you make the right infrastructure investment decision as you negotiate for budget with your peers.Strategy 1: Create Flexible Workspaces to Save on Real Estate CostsIt may seem counterintuitive in this tough economy that you would invest in creating flexible workspaces in order to reduce real estate costs, when your workforce may be shrinking due to downsizing. However, similar to future IT investment planning decisions, organizations should take a longer-term approach and plan for the inevitable upturn. Read More »

Reflecting on Wireless Security

As we gear up for Cisco Live! 2009 in San Francisco, I’ve thought back to some of the other shows that I’ve been to over the past couple of months. In April, I had the opportunity to visit the RSA Conference 2009, where Cisco gave show attendees to RSA’s booth a sneak peak of the integration between RSA enVision and Cisco’s Context-Aware mobility service. And at Cisco Networkers Solutions Forum in Toronto, I had the honor to lead two sessions, one on strategies for 802.11n deployment and one on mobility services. On both occasions, I had the pleasure to interact with a number of customers and the same question came up: “Why do I need to worry about RF security if I don’t have a production wireless network?” Read More »

Enabling real-time collaboration through Mobility

Mobility is a key component of the collaborative experience. By enabling collaboration businesses can reap operational efficiencies that can be invested elsewhere. They can unlock employee potential by giving context to data and making it actionable. Putting collaboration in motion enables companies to get closer to customers, bringing them into the product development delivery process, or taking the product delivery process to the customer. In this video, Chris Kozup, Senior Manager of Mobility Solutions discusses Cisco’s recent Collaboration in Motion launch and talks about what it takes for customers to connect multiple workspaces using a robust mobility platform.

Business applications enhanced by network intelligence

The ability to access network intelligence can really enhance business applications. By utilizing the open API of Mobility Services Engine technology partners are making network intelligence actionable. Steven Shalita , Vice President of Marketing for NetScout talks about the unique solution that is enhanced by adding contextual information like location to the NetScout application. Read More »

(Interop) Las Vegas or Bust

Interop Las Vegas kicked off today, and up until last Friday, I’ve been asked by many folks, “What does Cisco have in store for mobility at Interop?” I will keep this short by asking you to tune into the video that gives you a little taste of what is to come. Read More »