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Wi-Fi and IP Video, Like “Peanut Butter and Chocolate”

It’s hard to miss the fact that Wi-Fi and IP Video are two mega-trends that are enjoying a fast ride up the steep side of the technology adoption curve.   In fact, you could make an argument they are in fact the two fastest growing technology trends of 2010.

This year alone, hundreds of millions of new Wi-Fi chipsets will ship inside devices, including not only the traditional laptops, but huge numbers of smart-phones, TVs, DVD players, game systems, appliances, automobiles – pick any electronic gizmo, and chances are it has Wi-Fi or soon will.   By the year 2012, the number is estimated to grow to 1 billion new Wi-Fi devices per year.   The world loves Wi-Fi because it fills the dual needs for connectedness plus mobility, and because it just works.

The growth of IP Video has been equally impressive.    Free Internet sites like YouTube and Hulu now constitute a significant amount of time people spend watching video.   And paid services like NetFlix and TiVo are offering over-the-top video services to compete with Cable providers.     A study by Cisco showed that in the relatively near future 90% of all the traffic over the Internet will be video.    The world loves IP Video because it gives users control over what they watch, when they watch it, and where they watch it.

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Apple iPad, in the enterprise?

Apple’s announcement today of a new 802.11n connected mobile device, the iPad, is sparking the imagination of many.  From application developers, to the media industry I am sure there are plenty of folks out there already drafting strategy plans about the different ways they can leverage what is expected to be a successful new platform. 

Moments earlier, IDC announced that it expects Apple to “ship 4 million iPad units worldwide in 2010”.  End even though by all accounts the iPad seems to be a consumer device I can’t help but wonder how many of these 4 million devices are going to enter the enterprise.  And when they enter the enterprise how are they going to impact your wireless network?

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Is Your Wireless Network Ready for Business Video?

Is your wireless network ready for business video? Watch this video to see if you have been in a similar situation, and to see how Cisco Media Ready Wireless supports real-time video streaming, keeping your ideas in motion.

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Going to NRF in January?

Are you a retailer going to NRF next month?  Are you looking for ways to better utilize your wireless network infrastructure in order to improve store-front and back-office operations, while enhancing the customer experience?  If so, you will want to join us at the Cisco Wireless Executive Briefing Breakfast.  

Ask your account manager for an invitation to the event, or send us an email to for more information. 


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Mobility in Action: Transforming Education at Purdue University with Pervasive Wireless Connectivity

A Chat with Purdue University’s CIO

Last week Cisco and Verizon took the wraps off their joint effort to help Purdue University deploy a pervasive, high-performance wireless network throughout the University’s 2,500-acre West Lafayette campus. Verizon Business is installing a Cisco Unified Wireless Network with more than 6,000 802.11n wireless access points, giving Purdue’s 51,000 students and faculty seamless mobile access to collaborative educational and research tools no matter where they are.

Shortly before the announcement, I spoke to Gerry McCartney, Vice President for Information Technology & CIO at the University, to get his perspective on the project and what it will mean for education at Purdue.

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