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Video Mail : The Beacons are Lit and Alan Will Answer

Matt, you must have been in a Wi-Fi Bubble these last few years. People have introduced all kinds of video mail in the last two years, including some of the Mobile Operators. As a colleague Hamada-san from Japan writes in, NTT DoCoMo introduced this capability with its FOMA phones over a year ago. :->, let me throw down shot number 1-. Read More »

Video Mail – Calling you out Alan Cohen

Last week I took a trip that went through my favorite airport in the United States, Denver International Airport. While we were taxiing I turned on my cell phone, and it immediately let me know I had messages. So I checked my voice mail and listened to messages from my co-workers, my boss, my tax guy, and my girlfriend. I also had a bunch of emails that needed my immediate attention. So I booted up my laptop, and began to read them. I was thinking about my girlfriend and wondering why I couldn’t *see* her message to me. It seems that the following is in place: 1) We have faster and faster wireless links (WIFI, GSM, 1xRTT, 3G, 4G, etc.).2) Camera technology is really cheap (how often do you see a phone without a camera in it)?3) Storage is now relatively cheap -- the cost to store 1 Mbps of data is much less than it used to be. 4) We can convert speech to text (My IBM laptop has dictation to text capabilities built in) So why the heck isn’t video-mail widely available? Why isn’t it a mainstream app? Read More »

Destination Dubai: Greenfield Mobility Market? (Part 2 of 2)

When you land in Dubai International Airport and drive into the city, the Emirate’s most telling landmark (and seemingly national bird!) is the building crane. An enormous metropolis of office towers, shopping malls and man-made islands is rapidly rising from the desert floor. While building cranes feedstock the rapid construction of skyscrapers, the definition of a crane is”a device for lifting and moving heavy weights in suspension.”To this observer, the most remarkable heavy weight in motion in Dubai is the rapid transition of a tribal, desert culture — albeit one that is found on thousands of years of trading and more recently, hydrocarbon wealth — into a modern, service-oriented economy. The country’s leadership well understands this challenge and is in overdrive to make this transition. Read More »

Making Sense of My Insensitivity and Sensor (Topologies)

Yesterday I got into the elevator on the ground floor of building 14 on the Cisco San Jose campus. I parked my car and made my way to the elevator bank. The elevator arrived, I hit the #4 (for the floor that I work on), and the doors began to close. Right before they were completely shut, someone stuck their hand in, the doors opened (I was bummed out cause I had waited a while), and a person came in the elevator car with me. Then he hit the number 2. Now -- obviously I could have taken the stairs up to the fourth floor, but it is a long way up… but one freaking flight of stairs??? I couldn’t help myself…”Dude,” I asked the guy looking really concerned, “Are your legs okay?”"Yeah, they’re fine,” he answered.”So why didn’t you take the stairs?”He was incredulous…”That is the most insensitive thing I have ever had someone ask me,” he said as the doors opened and he left the elevator. This exchange got me to thinking about sensors, and what will be the best way to deploy them… Read More »

Wi-Fi Cars, Tools, and Shopping Carts – Changing The Way We Do Business

In keeping with Matt Glenn’s ‘car themed’ blogs (1, 2) last week -- here’s an example of an implementation of Wi-Fi with cars……Newsweek’s March 5th article titled”Marketing: Ads Made for You“.This article describes how individuals, zipping by in their cars, can activate a billboard to display messaging that is personalized just for them. This is made possible by a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag on the car that is detected by a wireless infrastructure that includes location services. The article goes on to talk about using RFID in supermarkets to push out advertising to shopping carts based on their location within the store. RFID is changing the way we run businesses, communicate, and track items, events, and people…. Read More »