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Do the Math and Save

In my prior life as a management consultant I was often asked to help my clients create business cases for investment in technology.  In most of these situations I had to deal with two groups of people: a) those that believed the investment in new technology would bring significant operational improvements/efficiencies, and b) those that questioned if and how those efficiencies would be achieved. 

As a marketer for Cisco’s wireless infrastructure my customers tend to fall in the first category, but time and time again they ask me “I get it, but how do I convince my CFO/Controller?”

In response to this need we asked Forrester to build an ROI calculator that would enable you, our customers, evaluate the return on investment a Cisco Unified Wireless Network provides. Forrester interviewed key Cisco customers to collect information about the savings and improvements an investment in wireless networking provided them, and compiled everything into a user friendly excel spreadsheet.  

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I Want It!

Ok, I have to admit. Apple marketing gets to me (or is it that Apple marketing gets me?)  Yup, iPhone 4 was announced today and I have to say that soon after I started watching the relevant video I am quickly falling out of love with my iPhone 3GS. Joking aside, this is one cool device but what I am most excited about are two things:

First is FaceTime.  That opening scene on the video is me, let me explain.  A few weeks back I was working from Europe and I was on Skype video with my wife and kid everyday. Granted I would not have paid roaming charges for a voice call from my cell phone but I would have loved the capability of placing a video call over Wi-Fi without having to carry my laptop around.  Now if only Apple would allow a FaceTime call from an iPhone 4 to any other device (laptop, Cisco IP video phone, network connected TV, whatever has a camera and a network connection), but they have phones to sell so I have to respect the network externalities that they are pushing for. 

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The end of unlimited 3G data

Over the past three years that I have been with the Cisco Mobility Solutions team I have witnessed multiple market transitions that are shaping the communications, collaboration and access landscape.

Today, we are experiencing yet another market transition, one that we have been anticipating for quite a while.  AT&T announced the end of unlimited Internet on smartphone devices, such as the Apple iPhone.  To non-US mobile users this may not be a big deal as many international service providers already either cap usage or charge on a per MB or GB for data usage. For those of us in the US however, this is major news that will most certainly have implications in:

  1. User experience and usage patterns
  2. Guest access network (aka Wi-Fi hotspots) proliferation
  3. Enterprise wireless network demand – driven from the continued consumerization of IT

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As wireless networks become increasingly mission critical and users go more mobile, uptime and security become increasingly important. Learn how you can proactively monitor, analyze, and mitigate any interference sources remotely and help ensure that security policies are consistently maintained for users accessing the network from mobile phones and other devices.

Learn how the latest developments from Cisco enable you to dramatically simplify your wireless network management, troubleshooting, and security burdens. Discover how Cisco CleanAir technology can automatically identify, locate, and overcome any interference source operating in the shared spectrum, including non-802.11 devices, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out how the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility solution combines always-on connectivity and comprehensive web security for mobile workers, relieving a major security concern for IT.

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Cisco CleanAir technology, the Maserati of Wireless Minus the Pricetag

This is not a Crest toothpaste  ad. And we’re not holding a winning Power Ball ticket.  But we are grinning ear to ear with smiles of victory!  It’s been two weeks since InformationWeek announced that the Cisco Aironet 3500 Series Access Point with CleanAir technology won Best of Interop for the Wireless and Mobility category and we still can’t wipe the smiles off of our faces.

Best of Interop

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