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You Business Moves With You

“Ĺ“Every day sees humanity more victorious in the struggle with space and time.” Guglielmo MarconiThis week we are bringing a new, expanded view of business mobility to the marketplace. Traditionally, mobility’s chasm was a cell phone: most people defined mobility by the device they carried. While devices play a key role in how mobility can be experienced, mobility is more than cell phones or smart phones. It is more than wireless networks. It is more than voice applications or satellite communications. Business Mobility is being about to interact, to complete, to experience:- collaboration among people, -- insight into data and processes, and -- awareness and utilization of assets (people or things) These are capabilities tthat you would have when you are in the office, when, simply you are not -whether you are moving around your office/campus, are on the go, at home or half way around the world. Business Mobility is about the experience of business when you are not in the office. It is about experience not devices. Read More »

Video in the Consumer Mobility Experience

On this blog, we tend to focus most heavily on the business mobility or business-class wireless experience. Given, at Cisco, we play a key role in the business IT marketplace, it is not surprising to work this aperture.Mobility just as much as many social networking or Web 2.0 technologies really has a strong consumer angle. Even in the Enterprise WLAN segment was driven by the broadband rollout (extending the connection across the household) and was marketed brilliantly by Intel with its pervasive Centrino campaign. When I look at my teenagers, I find they have a deeper and wider social fabric with their friends then I did at their age. My daughter writes a fashion blog that is read around the world and my son seems to run the Golden State Warriors middle school fan club from his cell phone via text messaging. Read More »

The Mobile Millennial Generation

If you want to find out why Wi-Fi is a must have in retaining and attracting talent among the Millennial Generation, watch this video.

Video mail 2 ways: Video and typed

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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen…but are felt in the heart….Helen

Matt,I think the big inhibitors here are probably more cultural, than technical.Videomail is going to push a level of intimacy that the multi-tasking work may not love: we have to focus directly on those subjects we are communicating to/with. To me, this is the essence of why videomail will ultimately make it: in the cold, lonely reaches of cyberspace, people are looking for more intimate, direct connections with co-workers, friends and families (i.e., this is the heart of why we are moving to the human network, from the network of search and commerce). So for me, videomail, enabled with wireless networking is an act of faith; if you build it, they will come. Read More »