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Ghostbusters and Cisco CleanAir technology

Cisco Aironet 3500 Series Access Point with CleanAir technology

What do Ghostbusters and CleanAir technology have in common?  New York City and detecting phantom interference!  In 1984 Drs. Venkman, Stantz, and Spengler walked around with proton packs in Manhattan looking for Ghosts.  Nearly 26 years later, on October 20-21, 2010, Cisco CleanAir technology will be demonstrated at  Interop New York in booth #121. While CleanAir technology doesn’t really find “Ghosts” in the true sense of paranormal activity, it can help you chase down “phantom” interference in your wireless network.  So stop by to visit me at booth #121 and I’ll demonstrate how CleanAir technology can help you:

  • Detect RF interference that other wireless systems can’t see
  • Identify interference sources and locate them on a floor plan
  • Provide automatic adjustments to optimize wireless coverage around interference

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Introducing the Cisco Aironet 1040 Series Access Point


A growing, medium-sized enterprise, that specializes in green technology. After receiving stimulus dollars and licensing a few patents for a new electric car, the company has just expanded into the second floor of their office building: floor-to-ceiling windows, all glass and stainless steel.

With the new expansion came new problems, especially for the lone network administrator Not only is he laying Ethernet throughout the new floor, it’s an older building—the influx of employees, their laptops and smartphones is taking a toll on the wireless network. Their trusty 802.11g had worked up until now, but the business needed something more, something they could afford, and their small IT staff could manage.

What’s the solution?

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Happy Birthday, 802.11n! A one-year review of the enterprise wireless market’s growth

The one-year anniversary of the 802.11n wireless standard ratification presents us with an opportunity to look back at Cisco’s accomplishments over the past year that have helped customers migrate and succeed with 802.11n technology. During this time, Cisco has made significant contributions to the industry that serve as building blocks for the standard’s adoption, such as the introductions of CleanAir, VideoStream and an integrated in-building cellular and Wi-Fi solution with MobileAccess. To further illustrate the impact of Cisco wireless technology on the industry, consider this metric: of all the enterprise WiFi traffic around the world, approximately two-thirds of this traffic has been delivered over Cisco 802.11n wireless access points.

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The new Apple TV and why high speed wireless streaming keeps my girlfriend happy

If you haven’t heard the announcement, here’s all you need to know for right now: Apple TV doesn’t store any videos or pictures on a hard drive, it doesn’t even have one. Everything is streamed; not only this, but they enabled Wi-Fi streaming to iOS devices like the iPad, with most of this done over 802.11n.

Now, lets take a step back to the “dark ages” of 802.11g where wireless streaming simply didn’t cut it—the video stuttered, games lagged and forget about doing more than one thing at a time, so I resorted to stringing cables across the floor.  My girlfriend wasn’t happy. Between the Xbox, media center, and her older Apple TV our house was a mess of Ethernet cords. I tried covering them up, but then we just had a mess of miss-matched carpets from Target all over (they were cheap and I was still in college, okay?).

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eWeek Honors Cisco CleanAir with Analyst’s Choice Award

Cisco CleanAir continues to win fans since its introduction at Interop Las Vegas this past April, where it won the prestigious Best of Interop Award. And now, CleanAir adds to its trophy case, recently being honored by eWeek with its “Analyst’s Choice” award. In his product review article titled, “Cisco’s CleanAir Spectrum Analysis Offers Outstanding RF Visibility,” eWeek editor Andrew Garcia gives CleanAir a solid thumbs-up, writing, “For providing a distinct and premium solution in an increasingly commoditized marketplace trending toward lower prices and similar feature sets, Cisco and CleanAir earn eWEEK’s Analyst’s Choice.”

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