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Cisco Borderless Networks: Now with New and Improved Access Management for Wired & Wireless Networks

If you’re an IT manager, at times it may seem like user demands are changing on a monthly basis. Employees are demanding access to the network at any time on a multitude of devices that is expanding like wildfire, and they’re not just demanding access to email and small files – it’s also real-time video, multimedia and telepresence for collaboration and communication.

These changes are challenging the IT department’s ability to effectively manage, secure, and scale the network infrastructure, services, and applications. To effectively address these challenges, IT departments need an integrated management solution that unifies disparate networks, supports all phases of the network lifecycle, automates best practices, and delivers simplified network operations.

And that’s just what Cisco is now providing.

As part of the latest Borderless Networks portfolio announced today, Cisco is introducing Cisco Prime Network Control System (NCS), which converges user and access management for wired and wireless networks with complete visibility into endpoint connectivity―regardless of device, network, or location. This first-of-a-kind platform provides converged wired, wireless and policy visibility in a single solution, allowing IT managers to streamline troubleshooting by starting at the end-user device, where the majority of access problems occur, reducing problem resolution times and getting users back online faster. Basically, Cisco Prime NCS helps IT move from an element or box-focused approach, which is becoming less and less effective, to a user-focused approach. This user-focused approach better aligns to how IT organizations are evolving to manage the proliferation of devices. Cisco Prime NCS is built on Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS) technology, which enables IT organizations to plan, deploy and manage RF environments while simultaneously addressing end user access issues.

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The Tale of the Network Rock Star and The Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

Imagine for a moment you’re a network admin, the rock star of your IT center hanging out at a coffee shop after work.  All of a sudden you get a call notifying you that there is some critical system issue at work.  The issue is a new one in which you would like to turn to the collective power of your peers for assistance in troubleshooting at the Cisco Support Community.  But you don’t have your laptop, and you do have an iPhone.

Cisco Support Community iPhone App

Cisco Support Community iPhone App

Being the rock star that you are, you pull out your iPhone hop onto the app store and download the Cisco Technical Support app where you can access real-time technical forum discussions, videos, leaderboards, and RSS feeds from your iPhone.

You then go to the discussion forum and post a question to the support community.  Within minutes like lightning from the sky you get several responses answering your question.  You then relay this information to work hence resolving the issue and maintaining your rock star status.  You feel good about yourself and resume sipping your coffee knowing that you just saved the company from a catastrophic disaster.  When networks fail, when systems crash, you will be ready to answer the call to action anytime, anywhere.  With the Cisco Technical Support iPhone app you’re the network rock star!

A key element of Cisco Smart Interactions is focused on taking our technical support resources and community discussions to where our customers and partners are – wherever, whenever.  Now, our community members can participate in discussion forums, get real-time access to Cisco experts and access technical support resources directly with the Support Community.

  • Over 260,000 registered users
  • Over 6,000 new discussions and responses each week

Click Here for more information and development on the App and to see the discussions around new features and versions.

For more Technical Support Solutions and Collaboration, Please visit the Cisco Support Community.

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Cisco Helping the Mobile Application Developer Community – at Upcoming Mobile Monday America Events

Companies of all sizes are starting to add mobile applications to their corporate strategies, and finding the best tools and applications available to build those enterprise apps is critical to solving the management and infrastructure issues they are facing.

As these applications continue to proliferate throughout the enterprise, Cisco is looking into ways to make the network more relevant to the mobile application developer community.  After all, the concept of creating solutions to address needs has been with Cisco since its inception – an integral part of our DNA is creating long-lasting partnerships with our customers, working with them to identify their needs and provide solutions that support success.  

In an effort to highlight some of the best enterprise mobile apps available today, Cisco is teaming up with Mobile Monday America, an open community platform of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influential individuals. Mobile Monday fosters brand neutral cooperation and cross-border peer-to-peer business opportunities through live networking events to demo products, share ideas and discuss trends from both local and global markets. With locations in over 115 cities worldwide, Mobile Monday is the world’s largest mobile industry community, dedicated to “Bringing the Mobile Community Together.”

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Cisco announces new “teleworker” wireless solutions – working from home just got a whole lot easier

When Cisco conducted an industry survey a few months back, the research revealed that 61% of employees believe they don’t need to be in an office to be productive – and two-thirds of employees place a higher value on workplace flexibility than salary. Attitudes toward working remotely have certainly shifted over recent years, as working from home is no longer seen as a privilege – it’s expected.

But for just about any employee who has ever needed to work from home, getting a home office wireless network up and running can be time consuming, even if you already have an existing home network. By the time you change network profiles, start VPN clients, and deal with security concerns, not to mention time spent on the phone with the corporate IT helpdesk, you can easily spend a good chunk of your day setting up and configuring your wireless network.

But once again, Cisco can help.

Cisco announced today new OfficeExtend wireless solutions designed toward making the whole teleworking process painless for both the remote worker and the IT manager back at the corporate office. With the new OfficeExtend wireless solutions from Cisco, not only can you have home network profiles for personal use, but as an additional feature, the very same corporate WLAN profiles and security that you using at the office can now be replicated at home.  And better yet, the new wireless solutions require no intervention from end users by allowing IT departments to remotely manage home access points alongside the rest of their corporate infrastructure.   Read More »

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Dell’Oro Report: Cisco’s Enterprise Wireless LAN Market Share Continues to Rise

At Cisco, customer feedback and market reaction to our products are both appreciated and important. We’re constantly focused on how we can help customers deal with their business challenges while driving the market forward, and with a recent report by market research firm Dell’Oro Group, we have official market reaction that underscores how Cisco has made the right decisions for our customers.

According to Dell’Oro’s latest enterprise wireless LAN market share report, Cisco grew its market share (based on revenue) for the fourth consecutive quarter, rising significantly from 56.2% in the first quarter of calendar year 2010 to the current mark of 59.5% for Q4 of calendar year 2010.

The Dell’Oro report demonstrates how Cisco continues to lead the enterprise wireless LAN market, and shows how customers are responding strongly to innovative enterprise mobility solutions such as Cisco CleanAir technology for automated interference detection and mitigation. It’s no coincidence that Cisco’s increasing enterprise WLAN market share corresponds with the launch of CleanAir earlier in 2010. Driven by customer demand for highly reliable wireless networks, sales of the Aironet 3500 Series access points with CleanAir have accelerated our 802.11n market share growth. Recently, Cisco has delivered CleanAir technology into its outdoor portfolio with the introduction of the Aironet 1550 Series outdoor access point – delivering performance protection for 802.11n networks indoors and outdoors.

It’s also the rapidly growing industry adoption of 802.11n – and Cisco’s strong leadership role and continued investments – that is helping accelerate our market share growth. According to additional Dell’Oro research, 802.11n access points continue to drive the industry’s overall growth making up 51% of the total Enterprise WLAN market. Over the past four quarters, Cisco has gained 6.6% market share to reach a Q4 802.11n revenue share of 59.6% – over five times greater than our nearest competitor. With this data, it’s no surprise that Dell’Oro is also reporting that Cisco set an all-time revenue record in Q4 for enterprise WLAN sales reporting $375.9M.

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