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In a recent Forbes article Guido Jouret, Cisco’s Emerging Technologies CTO, talks about how in today’s business world all companies require video strategies to achieve successful collaboration. I couldn’t agree more.  I recognize however that implementation of video technology like telepresence raises concerns about network capacity. While high-quality, secure video enables more face-to-face interactions and helps build deeper relationships, an insufficient video implementation can ruin the user experience and counter potential productivity gains.

So how will your network support video collaboration?  The short answer:  With the right enterprise-level solution for video implementation, your network will operate seamlessly and video connections will be as personal as in-room meetings.

Cisco can help you bring “in-person” collaboration into your organization. Our priorities revolve around:

As Guido states, what may seem daunting should in fact be seen as an opportunity.  Now is the right time to focus on your video strategy. It can be headache-free – it just takes the right partner with the right tools and expertise to build telepresence into your business and communication landscapes.

Are you ready to develop your video strategy? Let us know how we can help!

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