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Enterprise organizations seek more and more to adopt telepresence and HD video solutions that offer instantaneous, in-person virtual communication more pervasively across their organizations. While they may use the technology to connect with colleagues, partners, and customers all over the globe, these businesses want to access their video collaboration tools in one very specific place – the cloud – as they plan more pervasive deployments across their organization and ecosystem.

Why the cloud? It’s simple: The cloud allows for flexible deployment models, easy implementation, seamless integration of mobile and other remote users, and scalable video that can expand with the pace of business while freeing up resources to focus on their core business. We’ve empowered our partners to bring these invaluable benefits to their customers with our cloud-based telepresence solution, the Cisco TelePresence Exchange System.

But cloud-based telepresence can do even more for organizations, and the time has come to maximize its potential. At the Cisco Collaboration Summit this week, we announced the exciting integration of the new TelePresence Exchange System 1.1 with the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS). This  gives partners the opportunity to offer the most complete collaboration portfolios which deliver mobile, virtual, and visual collaboration offers – including TelePresence – as – a – Service (TPaaS).

TPaaS enables partners to tailor telepresence solutions to fit the particular needs of their customers. The combined power of TelePresence Exchange and HCS offers the following:

Cloud solutions are all about creating versatile and intelligent communication services. The combination of TelePresence Exchange and HCS empowers our partners to maximize the value of the cloud offer by enabling the complete range of communication services together in one solution, and making it even easier to use. Hear more about how partners, like Orange Business Services, are selecting cloud collaboration solutions including HCS and CTX.   We’re excited to help you deliver this to your customers today. Please contact us with any questions!

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