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The cost of crime to local economies around the world is well documented.

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Often the true cost of crime, fraud, theft, cybersecurity attacks, etc. extends far beyond an individual victim or incident  to create large ripple effects across societies, communities, and systems  - financial markets, housing, healthcare, the economy, the job market, education, and more.  Higher costs for businesses and communities are often realized as higher costs of services such as  liability and insurance rates, reduced property values leading to lost tax revenues, and hampered ability to attract residents and employers to a city.

Over 250 registered, and more than 100 attended the May 3rd Webinar: Inside Baltimore’s Inter-Agency Video Surveillance Solution.  The session was presented by Lieutenant Sam Hood, Director of Law Enforcement Operations for “Citiwatch”, Baltimore Police Department, Stephan Waters, Director of Technical Operations for “Citiwatch”, Baltimore Police Department, Michael O’Dea, Vice President of Business Partnerships, VidSys Inc., and Geoff Kohl,  Editor of SecurityInfoWatch.Com, who discussed the outcomes of this project and collaboration between 20 federal, state and local agencies as well a private organizations.

The outcome of the project was a remarkable safe and secure experience to an estimated more than 70,000 who attended the event.   The project was spearheaded by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in it’s bid to host the 2011 Grand Prix event and injected the local economy with an estimated $70 million from hotel stays, dining, tickets, retail purchases, and direct tax revenue.

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LT Sam Hood, Mike O’Dea, and Stephan Waters summarized the advantages of the Interagency Video Sharing solution:

In summary, real time video imagery and video sharing across areas reduces the cost of your security since your most seasoned personnel can assess and manage situations more effectively.   To learn more, a replay of the webinar is available.

A white paper is available that provides examples  on how organizations are using  “Video for Public Safety and Justice” .

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