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Ever think “boy, I really would like to know what happened in that keynote / session / meeting / webinar / executive video / training but I really do not have time to sit through the whole thing”?

Yeah, I do too. Technology to the rescue!

Cisco has a tool called Pulse that runs analytics on video and automatically pulls speaker and keyword information. How cool is that?

Let’s just say very cool.

Padmasree's CiscoLive London keynote in Show and Share with Pulse analytics

Pulsing” a video gives you not only greater control so you can navigate in a video to exactly the right spot, but also gives you all sorts of other insights into what people are talking about.

For example, we “pulsed” Padmasree Warrior’s keynote at Cisco Live earlier this month in London. Here’s what we found:

So you get a sense of what Padma’s keynote was about before you even watch it. And now you can sample it, share it, add your own tags and more.

This means you can now use video now like you use all other media. It’s useful and flexible. And very cool.

Check it out here yourself at:

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