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Want to Go Green AND Save Green? Go Video Conferencing.

Video Conferencing is green According to Electronic Evolutions Blog, video conferencing has become many companies’ preferred meeting method for countless reasons: it’s faster, easier, and saves more money than traveling, especially when it’s only needed for a short time during the day. However, there’s one more advantage to the “virtual meeting” initiative: saving the planet.
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Is it Really Possible to be in Two Places at Once?

Well of course not physically, but according to a recently released report from Aberdeen Group, “Being in Two Places At Once: Telepresence versus video conferencing in the enterprise,” telepresence and video conferencing are doing a very convincing job of bringing colleagues and peers from across the globe together for true-to-life collaboration that transcends geography.

Driven by a need to facilitate collaboration among geographically dispersed employees and to reduce travel costs, more companies than ever are implementing video conferencing and telepresence across their enterprises and seeing remarkable results, especially when used over more advanced network connections. For example, the Aberdeen research demonstrated that companies that improved their usage of video conferencing and video streaming by putting it on the WLAN were able to increase employee productivity by an average of 48% and accelerate decision-making by 42%.

Furthermore, according to the author of the report, Hyoun Park, “Forty-eight percent of Best-in-Class companies expect to reduce the costs of training…through the use of video conferencing.”

Read the report to learn more about the advantages of being in two places at once with video conferencing and telepresence.