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With the release of the Movi Mac client, the mobile office is expanding again to Mac users, who can now seamlessly connect to other telepresence devices in HD 720p 30fps.  Additionally, key feature upgrades are available for all Movi users with the release of the Movi v4.  Features include:

PrecisionHD USB v1.3 is now available. This update allows Mac users to get the most out Movi with business quality HD video by making the PrecisionHD USB camera Mac compatible.

TMC recently released a Movi review where Ton Keating, founder of TMC Labs, said, “I’ve tested many products in telecom/datacom over the years and I can say unequivocally this[Movi] is one of the finest products I’ve tested.” To see what Mr. Keating thinks about the newly available Movi v4 and Movi for Mac client features, read his latest post here.

Check out these previous posts to learn more about choosing the right mobile video application and to see how Movi may be coming to an iPhone near you.

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