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In our previous posts on “Key Components for Maximizing Video Conferencing Investments,” we addressed the importance of having people and processes in place to accelerate usage and adoption.  In this segment, we’ll discuss the significant role that technology plays in the successful deployment of any video solution and how asking a few basic questions from the start can make a significant difference.

The key to ensuring maximum adoption of a new video solution is to quickly and seamlessly integrate it into your existing business practices.  Having your network infrastructure optimized to support your video strategy is imperative, that means asking some important questions from the beginning of the process:

Each one of these questions raises important considerations that -- if not addressed early on -- can significantly impact the roll-out of your video network and ultimately be the difference between a successful and a less then successful implementation.   Fortunately you do not have to go it alone when addressing these questions.   There are a range of services that are available from manufacturers, integrators and consultants that will help you architect a solution that fits your goals.  Investing the time and effort up front will pay big dividends when it comes to getting the most from your video network.

Be sure to check back next week to learn about education programs that will help ensure a successful video deployment.

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