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Vasanth Matamudra, Product Manager from the Cisco Medianet team, recently led a webinar presentation hosted by ActionPacked! Networks, a Cisco Developer Network (CDN) registered partner. The title of the webinar presentation is “Cisco Medianet—Media Services Interface (MSI): Simplified Deployment and Reduced Operational Costs.”

ActionPacked! Networks has posted the entire webinar on YouTube.

From the YouTube description of the webinar presentation:

“Join Cisco Medianet Product Manager, Vasanth Matamudra, to discover how to enable your network to become application aware & your rich media applications to become network aware!

In this informative webcast, you will learn how you can:

In case you missed it, Aamer Akhter, Technical Marketing Engineer from the Cisco Medianet team, led a webinar entitled “Optimizing Networks for Video, Voice, and Data” also hosted by ActionPacked! Networks.

Be sure to check out these informative webinars!

Learn more:

Questions about medianet? Visit the: medianet support forum

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