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Are you saving tons of time with My Cisco?

The folks who run our online programs for our Partners team showed me some interesting charts the other day. They show that Cisco Partners are savings lots of time using My Cisco and My Cisco Workspace.  If you don’t know, My Cisco is kind of like a central dashboard that follows you around (as a menu) on, and that also has a full workspace page.

My Cisco is especially popular with Partners, who can access their deals and quotes, find events, check training and certifications and check Partner news – and access all manner of information that previously was locked up in separate tools.  Instead of navigating to individual tools for each new task, Partners can go directly to My Cisco Workspace to get this information at a glance on one page.

Almost half of Partners surveyed say they are saving at least 20% of the time they used to spend with online tools – and some save as much as 50% of their time!

My Cisco also has many functions for Customers, too, including an array of support-related capabilities:

  • Recent service requests
  • Alerts for updates on software previously downloaded
  • Products recently viewed or visited in the support area (so you can get back quickly)
  • Products and devices that you own or manage (so you can see one-stop documentation, support and alert information)
  • Active support notifications
  • Network bookmarks available from any system you use

There’s a convenient catalog you can use to choose and customize the functions that you want to keep in your workspace and follow-along My Cisco menu.

To get to My Cisco, you can access the My Cisco menu at the bottom of most every page. And at the top of most pages there’s a convenient shortcut link to My Cisco Workspace.


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Paramore Bus Tour Reprise

Our consumer web sites are overflowing with some great new products — like ūmi telepresence for the home,  Flip video cameras and home networking wizardry. So of course that has meant some of the classic features, like our Digital Cribs series from a few months back, have moved off center stage.

One of my favorites in the series was the interactive journey through the band Paramore’s  tour bus.  If you’re a Paramore fan — and who isn’t? — you will be happy to know that we’ve preserved the virtual tour of the Paramore bus. Hayley, Jeremy, Zac, Josh and Taylor talk about how technology helps them connect to their fans and made the tech’d-out tour bus a home away from home. And don’t miss the link to the longer video by the band, which is launched from the video icon at the upper right.

Maybe not quite as high tech as the Cisco Network on Wheels (NOW) bus, but pretty cool!

P.S. After I watch the bus video one more time, I am going shopping this weekend for a ūmi home telepresence setup!

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My Cisco to get a new location on pages

If you haven’t already tried it, I heartily recommend spending some time with My Cisco and the My Cisco workspace.

My Cisco is available across most pages and provides access to information from business applications you use frequently like recent service requests, networked bookmarks, software alerts, and favorite devices and products.

My Cisco is especially popular with Partners (who can access their deals and quotes, find events and check Partner news) and all those who manage support. We add new features to My Cisco regularly: Recently, for instance, we updated the Deals and Quotes module, which pulls information from Commerce Workspace, and now allows Partners to customize their view and gives visibility to their Global Deals in My Cisco.

Currently, My Cisco is in the upper right corner of the screen and the works like a pulldown.

In a few weeks, we’re going to give My Cisco a new home on the page: It’s moving from the upper right (1), to the lower left, in a permanent floating toolbar (2).

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Hats off to the Human Network team

I love the inspirational new videos we have on The new Cisco Together we are the Human Network area demonstrates how video is allowing us to connect like never before.  The site includes video conversations by thought leaders in education and healthcare discussing how technology is changing their disciplines.


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Emerging Markets: Why SEACOM and Wananchi Chose Cisco?

At Cisco’s Financial Analyst Conference Paul Mountford, President Emerging Markets, was joined in his theatre breakout session by two organisations pivotal to redefining ICT in and for Africa, Brian Herlihy, CEO of SEACOM and Mark Schneider, Group Chairman of Wananchi. 

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