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Three Things I Learned at the OpenStack Summit – Day 3

  1. Want to liven up a boring conversation? Bring up OpenStack appliances.

That will get people talking. In an enthusiastic manner. With vigorously-defended opinions. The appliances talk was by far the most interesting one I went to all day. And you’d think that with the panel consisting entirely of people whose companies offer or are planning to offer OpenStack in an appliance or something very similar and pre-packaged, it would be a one-way conversation. But not so. The audience asked these guys hard questions.

What was offending the anti-appliance contingent?

Mostly vendor lock-in. Early in the conversation the panelists had spoken about how there really is no lock-in with OpenStack. But it was quickly pointed out to them that if you purchase an appliance, you’re pretty much stuck with the vendor that sold you the appliance, and therefore quite clearly locked-in. (No pulling one over on this audience.) Leave them and you’ve got no support for this physical box. It’s not like simply switching distros.

Panel reply: They didn’t really have one. One panelist debated what “lock-in” really means, and claimed that lock-in can be good if it means you’ve found the best solution out there. Another conceded, “it’s not for everyone” (appliances). And a third pointed out that they built their solution with a product you can do other things with, so that if you don’t want to use the appliance anymore you can redeploy the server. But it really seemed like no one wanted to state the obvious: Of course you’re locked-in.

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Social Media Is Like Gelato In A Cone #CiscoSMT #SocialSavvy

Last week I spoke at an event and the definition of social media came up. Some people refer to social networking tools when they speak of social media while others refer to the notion of engagement and content on the web. I’m more of a “gelato in a cone” kinda gal. I view social media as engagement and content (gelato) that lives in some kind of an “online container”, such as a social networking site or another web platform (cone). I’m looking for both. I would even argue that customer experiences, whether social or not, could and should be connected to optimize their journey. For example, social content can live on your web site and your social networking sites and conversations can be prominently featured at your events.

Building on the “gelato in a cone” interpretation of social media, we (@CiscoSocial) will be hosting a social media event for the savvy marketer in San Jose on April 18 and 19. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend this free event as we bring together some super bright practitioners for 2 days of live chats and presentations. The practitioners that are lending their expertise and time to our event come from Twitter, LinkedIn, Kaiser Permanente, Walmart, Adobe, SAP, Intel, VMware, Citrix, ABC, eBay,, MindShare, Engauge, Percolate, BuzzFeed, Performics, Digby, Blinq Media, Cisco, and more.

You may attend in person or via webcast, just please register ahead of time.

Register for the in-person event:

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Ping us at @CiscoSocial

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