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Cisco ūmi: The Future of Communication

What do you believe is the future of communication? Check out my video below to find out how I believe Cisco ūmi will change the way personal services are delivered in the future.

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Where’s the Cisco ūmi “Get Together” Tour Van? Zinfandel Wine Festival, SF

This past Saturday, the Cisco ūmi “Get Together” Tour Van was in two locations: the NHL Fan Fan Fair in Raleigh, North Carolina and the Zinfandel Wine Festival in San Francisco.

I had the opportunity to go check out the Zinfandel Wine Festival for myself and who better to take than the person I love and always want to “get together” with? My mom.

My mom has seen ūmi before at my house, but she had never experienced the “Get Together” tour van before.

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Cisco ūmi: What’s SO Different?

Check out the following video clip to hear what Ken Wirt, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Cisco, says about the advantages of Cisco ūmi.

Ken discusses the ūmi experience –being together with your loved ones through a natural and open environment.

For those of you who have bought a ūmi or have seen ūmi live, we would love to hear your thoughts on your experience!

Today, we launched “ūmi Buzz” on to make it easy for you to hear what people are saying about ūmi by providing you with upcoming ūmi news, videos, tweets, Facebook posts and blog posts….and also giving you an easy way to join in the conversation!

AND, now when you buy one ūmi at Magnolia Home Theatre at Best Buy or, you get a second ūmi FREE! Hurry, because the offer ends on February 5th!

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Back to School but Still in Touch with Cisco ūmi!

Oh, the weather outside is still frightful, especially with the recent nor’easter that’s sweeping through; nevertheless, college students across the country are preparing to head back to school after a long winter break. In the coming weeks, college campuses will reopen and Spring semester classes will begin. Your children may not miss you right away because let’s face it, spending weeks with your family during the college years is tough on any student. After a while though, they’ll yearn to see your face, and with an empty nest, you’ll yearn to see theirs, too.

How do you keep in touch with the kids when they’re 30 or 3,000 miles away? Phone? Close. Video calling on the Internet? Getting warmer. Video calling from your HDTV? Bingo! With Cisco ūmi you can check in on your future scholars by video calling them on your living room TV. If they’re out studying at the library or, dare we say, at a party, you can just leave them a video message and they can call you back later. (Note – this is a perfect way to embarrass them if they watch the message with friends in the room!)

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Join Cisco at CES 2011!

The one week countdown to the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas begins today and Cisco invites YOU to join us live and virtually!

Cisco is dedicated to bringing new consumer electronics into consumers’ homes. Over the past few years, Cisco has introduced the Flip Video camera, our line-up of home networking products, Valet and Linksys and just this past October, we introduced Cisco ūmi, high definition video calling on your television in your home. We are excited to showcase our consumer products and share with you how Cisco is transforming video into an experience.

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