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Happily Ever After: Yumi and ūmi

For most of us, our lives are full of momentous occasions shared by family – learning to walk, graduating from high school, starting your first job, getting married and having children. For Boston-based public relations practitioner Yumi Bilic , the next momentous occasion in family life was her sister’s wedding. Unfortunately, due to the aftermath of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the Japan native was unable to attend the festivities in Tokyo earlier this month.

After learning about Yumi’s situation, Cisco donated Cisco ūmi telepresence units to her and her family so that they would be able to be together virtually on the special day.  With the same name, it was hard for Yumi to pass up the opportunity to see her sister’s ceremony on her HDTV via ūmi.* Not only did Yumi and her husband get to see her family, but she was introduced to her sister’s soon-to-be husband’s family, as well.   By attending the wedding virtually with Cisco ūmi from thousands of miles away in Boston, Yumi was able to see, things like her sister’s beautiful bouquet and traditional kimono she changed into for the ceremony as well as finer details like the floral arrangements on all of the tables.

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Show Us What You’ve Got with Cisco ūmi!

There have been a lot of fantastic moments shared between family and friends over Cisco ūmi. People have used umi to transform their HDTVs to bring the family together for a reunion, to broadcast first steps for the grandparents, or even to get a violin lesson from a former teacher.  We thank the ūmi community for sharing these stories with us and we look forward to hearing many more.

But even better is when you share how you’re using ūmi, through ūmi!  We were so thrilled when a user shared a ūmi video with us that we decided to open up our own ūmi account and welcome videos from all users. Whether your band wants to perform an impromptu concert, you want to share how you virtually met your new nephew or you want to tell us what you think of HD video chatting, we want to hear from you! And you can also use this number to test out your Cisco ūmi system.

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Cisco ūmi at BlogHer: Helping Women Better Connect + Winners

On Thursday, March 24th, over 120 women came together to network, learn and share ideas with one another. Many of these strong and empowering women were entrepreneurs and bloggers who travel and may not get the opportunity to connect with friends and family as often as they would like to.

We demoed Cisco ūmi at the BlogHer networking event, highlighting one of my favorite features: recording a video message in high-definition straight from your television and uploading it directly to Facebook, YouTube and Flipshare.

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Cisco ūmi on The Oprah Winfrey Show Tomorrow!

Tune-in to see Cisco ūmi featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Wednesday, March 23 as part of “Are You Happy?

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…coming to Cisco ūmi

You may have seen our recent announcement about the changes we’re making to our home telepresence system, Cisco ūmi. Exciting things are happening with ūmi , and we’re pleased to share the following changes with you:

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