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Internet of Everything: Fueling an Amazing Future #TomorrowStartsHere

It’s easy to take our connectedness for granted, isn’t it? We often don’t even think about all the innovation behind our connections, but it’s mind boggling when you actually consider just how much getting connected has revolutionized nearly every facet of life over the past two decades. Even more amazing is the fact that we’re just getting started. I like how Mary Meeker, in the most recent installment of her highly anticipated annual “Internet Trends” presentation, described it as still being in “spring training.”

It took us more than 20 years to get two billion people on the Internet, but estimates suggest the next two billion will connect to the network in less than half that time. And the growth of connected “things” is even more incredible. Sometime around 2009, the number of things connected to the Internet surpassed the number of connected people, at which point we began to experience what some call the “Internet of Things.”
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