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How AMA is Bringing “Anytime, Anywhere” to its Members

Over recent years the Alberta Motor Association (AMA) has continued to grow with the Alberta economy.  What was once purely a motor association is now a 2,200 employee organization which runs a large Insurance Company, Bank, Travel operation and RoadSide Assistance operationAs our business continues to grow, change and evolve we have looked for technology solutions to help us deliver enhanced member tools and better experiences.

We strive to provide the best member experiences in every interaction.  With almost 1 million active members across Alberta, we use technology to bridge the gap and provide services over this large geographic location.

We have standardized on the Cisco Nexus platform for our network operations across 18 centres, which includes wireless and switching technologies in many of our buildings. Perhaps most importantly, the Nexus platform is helping our IT team think beyond the racks – focusing on how we can better serve our members and employees instead of just ‘keeping on the lights.’

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