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Backstory: The London Olympics Legacy

The upcoming Summer Olympics in London isn’t the first time that the UK has been the host nation for the games. There’s an interesting and unique history to the Olympics experience in Great Britain. The first time that London, England was chosen as the host city for the Summer Olympics was way back in 1908.

The second time, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) awarded the planned 1944 Olympic Summer Games to London in June of 1939. However, a very significant unscheduled event occurred that changed those preliminary plans — that being World War II — and the 1944 games were cancelled.

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Retaining Employees: 3 Technologies That Help

When you think about retaining top-notch employees, several factors come to mind: compensation, company culture, and company location. Here’s one more item that should be on your list–technology infrastructure.

Take a moment and think: What’s in your server closet and what’s on your employees desks? Technology can be a powerful tool to help your company hold onto employees. But few employers think about technology as a tool to retain and engage their employees.

Following are a couple technologies and how they can help your company do just that:

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