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IT Managers and Social Media: A Friendly Union [STATS]

If you manage social media engagement for your company or group, you have probably received questions about the role of social in IT purchasing decisions and/or have been asked to prove that IT managers do engage in social media. You’ve probably also been asked to tie social activities directly to new leads and revenues. While it is possible to trace new leads and revenues back to social media, not every social activity you do may have a direct impact on revenues. And it may not always be your goal either. But social media does have a place in your relationship toolbox and in the IT buying cycle which can directly or indirectly impact your bottom line.

According to a global survey by (an online IT community) on IT Purchasing, social media has a growing impact on how IT professionals make decisions. Did you know that the #1 reason IT professionals contribute Read More »

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Please Let Us Know: How Do YOU Use Google+ and Facebook?

There are many blogs and opinions floating around regarding the Google+ versus Facebook debate and by no means do I want to offer my own analysis here. Other people – much smarter than me – said it all. I’m sure you’ve also seen the infographics showing the explosion in Google+ account registrations. But, are people really using this site or did they just open an account?  

For this post, I want to do something different. I would love to hear from you…ABOUT YOU. A few days ago, I tweeted a question and asked some of my fellow practitioners about  Read More »

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“Mashops”: My Shopping, My Way

As NRF wrapped up it’ s 100th annual convention in New York City, there was a lot of talk around the topic of how to “save the retail store.” Accelerating use of technology by consumers is shaping their behavior and expectations in store.  These changes, in turn, are challenging the sales and margins of retailers.

To determine how retailers can embrace this “technology-shaped shoppers,” the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) surveyed 1,000 shoppers from the United States and United Kingdom. It found that consumers want a new way to shop.  This new shopping experience is called “mashops.” It combines web-like experiences with the shopping experience in stores, creating a “Mash up” of the physical and virtual worlds.

In addition, the research also revealed that retailers should pay attention to two key customer segments: calculating shoppers (56 percent of the general population) and extreme shoppers (11 percent of the general population, with a high representation from Generation Y). And while extreme shoppers receive the most attention, calculating shoppers have the greatest impact on retailers’ revenues and margins.

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Cisco’s Social Media Survey Results

 The results are in! Take a look at the Slidecast below for a high-level overview of the social media survey that we conducted at the end of May. The full results are also posted here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

*If you’re having audio issues in Firefox, please try to re-open the post in Internet Explorer. Sorry for any inconvenience Firefox users.

What is your first impression of the results? Is there anything surprising about these numbers? What’s not reflected in these results that you would like to see?

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