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Tell Me A Truth About Social Media [VIDEO]

In case you have missed our tweet with the replay link to our Social Media Week at Cisco (#SMWCisco) which took place on February 14th, you can access the recorded sessions here. We just couldn’t get enough of these wonderful speakers so we dared a few of them to tell us a truth about social media. Watch this 2-minute video to find out what Michael Brito (@britopian) from Edelman, Todd Wilms (@SocialB2P) from SAP and Jeanette Gibson (@jegibson) from Cisco had to say:

Edited by Christy Park (@christyjpark)


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Harnessing the power of Keith

As our Intranet business team worked through the use of social media on our own intranet, we had the benefit of leveraging Cisco’s wider expertise. It is one of the benefits of working at a company like Cisco, literally you can find an expert on pretty much anything.

One of the strongest thought leaders that influenced our strategy was Keith Griffin, the lead architect of enterprise collaboration platform business unit. The results of his efforts can be seen in Cisco Quad, which is the technical foundation of our own social intranet strategy.

There is a great interview with Keith about harnessing the power of the social graph in PWC’s “Technology Forecast: Transforming collaboration with social tools” where Keith describes how emerging social and graph data technology can remove barriers to more effective collaboration … now you can harness the power of Keith like we did.

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