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Cisco and #IoE Tweet Chat Recap

What do you think should be connected to the Internet of Everything?


Last week, Cisco and asked that very question as part of an all-day Tweet Chat, stirring up a huge amount of conversation around the connection possibilities of the future! Throughout the day, readers submitted their ideas of what could connect on IoE, tagging their responses with #IoE and @Cisco to join the chat. Submissions were featured on the homepage as part of a special homepage module.

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Raising the Bar at Cisco Live 2013 (Orlando) with the Social Media Hub

Cisco Live 2013 (Orlando) was bigger than ever this year. There was a record breaking 20,000 registered customers, partners, press and analysts. More than 200 of our top partners were in the World of Solutions, representing a year-over-year increase in partner participation. Our host was none other than Blair Christie. She informed and wooed the crowd, tying together the major themes and highlighting special details throughout the week. Along with showcasing the latest and greatest Cisco gear, services, and thought leadership, there was something new this year. There was something special—the Social Media Hub.

The Social Media Hub is ready for day 1.

The Social Media Hub is ready for day 1.

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Social Media Business Strategy: Listen and Learn from Your Customers – Part 2

January 24, 2013 at 1:00 pm PST

This post is included  as part of a series of posts related to social media training efforts underway at Cisco.  I sat down with our corporate Cisco Social Media Listening team members team members members (Charlie TreadwellBernadette KoscielniakGeorge MetrikNancy RivasMichael HoppsDavythe Dicochea, and Jennifer Robertsto ask a few specific questions around social listening. This is  the second part of the interview.  Read the first part of this series. 

What tools are available to enhance the social listening effort?

Various listening platforms are available, with varying focus areas in metrics and data streams.  In a June 2012 report, eMarketer profiles the strengths of industry leading platforms as followed:

Profile of Select SM Monitoring Services 2012

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Social Media Business Strategy: Listen and Learn from Your Customers – Part 1

January 18, 2013 at 2:15 am PST

This is the first post in a continuing series related to social media training efforts underway at Cisco.  I sat down with our corporate Cisco Social Media Listening team members members (Charlie Treadwell, Bernadette Koscielniak, George Metrik, Nancy Rivas, Michael Hopps, Davythe Dicochea, and Jennifer Robertsto ask a few specific questions around social listening:  

Why is social listening important to a business?

Listening is an ongoing process that is a necessary and integral component of your social business strategy.  Being present on social channels provides an opportunity to learn from what your customers are saying and gain insights which help drive business results. Listening can also help uncover influencers, identify signs of an impending crisis, and more.  Altimeter business analyst, Charlene Li said in a post:

66% of online Americans are actively using social networking, but only 16% of companies use social media to engage with customers…You can’t have credibility saying you are customer-centric if you ignore your customers in social media channels.”

Executives are consistently investing in listening platforms and processes.  A recent December 2012 report from eMarketer indicates executives plan to increase spending in social listening by 14.8% of their social media marketing budget in 2013:

SM Marketing Programs Planned Increase Spend

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New Cisco Social Media Listening Center #CiscoListens

December 3, 2012 at 11:56 am PST

Listening is our “North Star” and here at Cisco we are using insights from social listening to help guide and inform our social media strategy and enable meaningful engagements with our customers.

Thanks to everyone who joined us on October 24th for the launch of our new Social Media Listening Center in the Executive Briefing Center. Here are highlights from that event.

“This is the future of how customers engage with companies 

going forward, regardless of your industry”

Blair Christie, CMO


We had 60+ attendees that included technology analysts and influencers, 500+ views of the Facebook video stream, and 750+ online conversations related to this event. Attendees learned about the new listening center and how Cisco listens and engages with customers. Read More »

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