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Revisiting the Evolution of Business Process

In my last blog, I discussed re-engineering your business processes with social collaboration. Prior to the availability of social collaboration tools, businesses re-engineered processes for automation, taking advantage of repeatable steps in order to cut out manual steps and wasted operation.  Adding social considerations opens the possibilities of collaboration, especially for the knowledge worker who needs to largely work person to person in order to exchange information, create content, and communicate across the globe.

We’re now on the brink of a new phase of business process evolution and it is coming with the Internet of Everything (IoE). This phase will be a combination of the first two phases, automating knowledge exchange, introducing machines into collaborative interactions with people, and using experience to continually learn and adjust processes on the fly. I am excited by the potential.

I envision a more immersive experience in my day to day processes, one where the collaboration tools are doing their job so well that the functionality is transparent to me after a few instructions and interactions. I can still provide tweaks to the instructions, but largely, the tools learn from my actions and predict where my attention is needed and with whom I need to connect for the proper expertise and at the proper time. Here are a few ideas that Cisco is kicking around: Read More »

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Re-engineer Your Processes with Social Collaboration

In my role as a Social Collaboration Architect, I see a lot of opinions about what it will take for social collaboration applications to take off within the enterprise. Analysts and sales people alike are constantly speculating on the business value — via increased revenue or decreased cost — that social applications will uncover and make adoption a simple sell. The expectation is that a more connected and conversational employee base will become more productive. It’s a start, but not the end of the value proposition.

Becoming more connected and conversational is only as good as the richness of the interaction. Are you solving a business need? Making a process more efficient? Adding value to a transaction? At the heart of these questions is how you factor your social collaboration solution into your business processes.

In the past, companies used business process re-engineering to cut out waste and make operations leaner. Today, companies Read More »

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Ignite Adoption of Social Collaboration: Practical Advice From A Practitioner

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to spend time in the trenches with a number of customers embarking on efforts to deploy social collaboration platforms.   While the individual challenges differ, the one constant that I have seen is that the “if you build it, they will come” cliché may work well in the movies, but it certainly does not apply to persuading employees to adopt this emerging way of sharing information and collaborating with co-workers.

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Why It’s Time to Embrace a New Collaboration Model

Today’s guest article is from Daniel Rasmus, strategist, industry analyst, and author. In the post below, Dan describes why organizations need to embrace a new way of sharing information and working together:

We spend a lot of time designing customer experiences, but precious little creating engaging, useful or productive work environments. There is no better example of this than the dysfunctional approach most organizations take to collaboration. Despite the proliferation of “collaboration tools” many organizations routinely run on e-mail rather than the more sophisticated tools at their disposal. Why? Because those “collaboration tools” force information workers to pre-think their work so that it aligns with the way the tools work. As frustration levels rise from document management systems, wikis, blogs, discussion forums and collaboration tools, people turn to e-mail as the most friction-free alternative.

But e-mail is far from effective as a collaboration tool. Read More »

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Social Software That’s Appealing to Business

In business it’s not easy to get everyone to agree, but one thing we all know is this:  whatever helps us finish work faster and do it better is a good thing.  One kind of collaboration technology promises to deliver just that –  enterprise social software – but not all platforms are created equally.

New products are popping up that add a layer of “social” capabilities to existing software – enabling comments, reviews or ranking in software applications, services and mashups, for example. But is this really social collaboration?

In the video below, I share my perspective on what businesses require in enterprise social software, and what will drive full adoption for it among people at work.

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