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Cisco Social Media Listening Center Tour Guide

Welcome to a tour of Cisco’s Social Media Listening Center!

Welcome to the Social Media Listening Center (SMLC). We’ve developed this exhibit to show our commitment to the voice of the customer. By being present in the social web the minute we find a conversation about Cisco, or someone in need of customer support, our social media listening center allows Cisco to drive to action.


Cisco Live!
Global Conversations
Social Media Influencers
Industry Landscape
Social Media Scoreboard
Word Cloud

The Purpose of our Listening Center

There are several reasons for creating the listening center. They are:

  • To promote Cisco’s commitment to social media and gain valuable insights from the perspective of the customer
  • To demonstrate that we are leveraging Cisco’s industry leadership and innovation to drive a standard of social media listening and engagement across our organization
  • To show how Cisco is using our own technology to power the display
  • The Cisco Technology

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