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Smart Grid Progress in Russia

Earlier this month, Cisco and the Federal Grid Company of Russia signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that establishes a long-term collaboration to improve the reliability and efficiency of the country’s power grid.

This MOU is the latest concrete step that Cisco has taken to help transform Russia’s energy infrastructure. Just about a year ago, Cisco set the mark by announcing a $1 billion investment in Russia over the next decade to drive entrepreneurship, sustainable innovation and energy efficiency. The investment includes the development of a collaboration model with Russian business in verticals such as smart grid.

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Keeping the Lights on: Writing the Future History of the Grid

William Ford Gibson, an author of science fiction who coined the term “cyberspace,” once said:  “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” In other words, the future is happening, it’s just faster in some places and slower in others.

Gibson very well might have been talking about our electric grid, which is at varying stages of modernization throughout the world.  While we anticipate that $4 trillion dollars will be invested in global smart grid transformation projects over the next twenty years, how do we ensure scalability, reliability and security across the board?  How do we make sure that the electric grid for the 21st century is the platform for sustainability and innovation that many of us hope it can be?

At Cisco, our goal is to help utility customers see into the future and help them succeed in making smart grid a reality.  To do so, we believe three areas need to be addressed:  policy, technology and economics.  For example, we need policies in place that promote investment in smart grid as well as energy independence and infrastructure security and reliability.  The integration of information technology (IT) with energy technology (ET) will create new business models and greater opportunity for energy management, reducing our environmental impact.  And economics will also be a critical factor in making the right policy and technology choices, as well as articulating the broader societal value of a smart grid.

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Cisco is Helping First Wind Connect & Secure its Assets

First Wind, an independent energy company focused on utility-scale wind projects in the U.S., is using communications technology to more efficiently manage their operations and produce wind power.  They have deployed a unified Cisco network throughout various parts of its operations to support data, video and voice communications for lowered costs and greater reliability. And on May 25, Cisco and GE announced that they will work together to provide wireless connectivity to the First Wind’s site in Milford, Utah. 

Read more about the advancements by First Wind to make their wind and business operations more efficient and effective in Laura Ipsen’s (SVP/GM for Cisco Connected Energy) blog post.

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As SVP Edison Peres, SVP Keith Goodwin and EVP Rob Lloyd told you at Partner Summit, we are committed to making it easier for you to do business with Cisco. So to follow up on that promise, you can now find comprehensive industry resources and customer materials on

So how does that impact you? Now, instead of having to go to both Partner Central and to locate all of the available resources for industries and solutions, you can simply head to the same pages that have always housed the latest customer materials to find everything you need…in one place.

When you get there, you should be sure to take advantage of more than 450 new and updated resources, ranging from training webcasts to marketing campaigns. Get started now by logging into the retail pages on (CCO and password required to view partner-only assets).

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Cisco Continues its Momentum in the Energy/Smart Grid Market

Cisco’s Connected Energy Group is exhibiting at the DistribuTECH conference taking place this week in San Diego, where it is making some exciting updates as well. Building on progress made in 2010 and expanding its smart grid activities in substation and home, Cisco is announcing partnerships with leading smart grid industry players ECOtality and Cooper Industries.

Cisco and ECOtality have completed the development for integrating the Blink Network charger interface with Cisco’s Home Energy Management Solution (HEMS).

Additionally, Cisco announced a strategic relationship with Cooper Industries where Cooper will incorporate Cisco’s Connected Grid products into their substation automation solutions.

Cisco’s vision is for information technology to transform how the world manages its energy and environmental challenges.  The goal of Cisco’s Connected Energy Group is to build an extensive product and services portfolio, based on a smarter, connected energy grid, that will bring this vision to reality.  Within the last year Cisco has made important steps to further its commitment to the energy/smart grid market with several strategic announcements, product introductions, key partnerships and acquisitions. Cisco continues that momentum this week through its partnerships with ECOtality and Cooper Industries.

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– Cooper Industries:

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