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You’ve Been Hacked? Here’s What to Do

5 helpful steps for responding to and recovering from a network attack

Strange pop-up windows, unauthorized software, sluggish systems, mysteriously changed passwords, programs running automatically, or unofficial content posted to your website are all signs that your small business network has been hacked. If you suspect that your network security has been compromised, don’t panic! It’s important to remain calm, retain your professional demeanor, and act decisively.

In addition to seeking guidance from a security professional, these five steps can help you quickly respond and safely recover from a network attack.

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Is Mixing Vendor Devices a Good Idea?

Smart small businesses know to invest in business-grade networking equipment. But should you mix devices from different vendors? It’s not a good idea, according to Jimmy Ray Purser. If your network goes down, you want to be assured the problem will get resolved—and fast—without a lot of finger pointing.

Hear more from Jimmy Ray on why it’s best for small businesses to stick with one networking vendor.

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How Do I Know if My Current System Can Support My Upgrades?

Guest Post by Contributing Author Ken Presti

There’s a certain level of excitement that comes from looking at prospective upgrades. Nowadays, that excitement is less about speeds-and-feeds, and more about how the recommended path can either pump up revenues or cut expenses.

But underlying all of the great ideas is the system upon which these applications and upgrades will run. So it’s fair to ask your channel partner, “Will my existing systems be able to support your suggested upgrade path?”

More often than not, you won’t need to ask this specific question because the channel partner should proactively tell you. After all, any changes to the infrastructure will carry budget implications that need to be factored into the overall project. But whether the partner brings up this issue or not, don’t assume that all IT systems are created equal. A few things need to be considered:

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Kitchen Designer Gets Business Makeover with UC

Thurston Kitchen and Bath is one of the largest independent kitchen and bath companies in the U.S. with 14 locations throughout Colorado. The company needed to streamline outmoded business processes, including aging data communications and individual phone systems, while maintaining its high-touch personalized service. By installing a Cisco unified communications (UC) solution that integrated voice and data communications, Thurston improved employee productivity and customer service, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

Watch the video to learn more!

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Five Ways to Ensure Higher Quality VoIP Service

Taking these steps will help you find a hosted voice provider that delivers the best possible phone calls

Voice over IP (VoIP), which lets you place and receive telephone calls over the Internet, appeals to many small companies, particularly those that want to replace their analog telephone service with a hosted VoIP service like Cisco Hosted Small Business Communications. VoIP technologies are advanced enough to deliver calls that sound as clear as plain old telephone service (POTS) calls and are equally responsive, and VoIP equipment has become mainstream enough to be affordable for smaller companies. There’s still one catch, however, that prevents small companies from fully embracing VoIP: high-quality service.

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