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5 Steps for Avoiding Data Breaches

These tips can protect your business and customers from financial loss and identity theft

So far this year, 369 data breaches have been reported to the Open Security Foundation Data Loss Database, affecting 126,749,634 records. A breach in your business data can come from loss, theft, or exposure of information, which opens you and your customers up to such risks as financial loss and identity theft. Most reported breaches involve stealing private information, like customers’ email addresses and credit card numbers.

A small business can suffer data loss through a variety of data breaches, not all of which can be pinned on a malicious hacker. Data can be lost when a mobile device goes missing, gets accidentally deleted from a server or computer, or when an employee inadvertently makes private data public or steals it outright. And sometimes data is lost not by human error or interference but by an unfortunate accident such as a natural disaster or computer failure. In some way and at some time, a data breach can—and eventually will—happen to everyone.

These five steps can help you secure your critical data against breaches and mitigate the risk of losing customers, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance.

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Set Your Mobile Employees Free with UC

A unified communications solution provides the tools to work from anywhere on any device

Whether telecommuting is a privilege for your employees or a necessity for your small business, chances are good that at least a couple people in your company work from home or while on the road. Many small companies enable telecommuting via a virtual private network (VPN), which is a good first step in giving employees remote access to business resources on your network. But for folks to be as productive away from the office as they are in the office, they need additional collaboration tools provided by unified communications (UC). If you’ve built the right network for your business—one that supports your existing needs and future applications—you can more easily add UC to further untether your mobile employees. Read More »

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Employees off-site? Stay in Touch With These 5 Tips

Clearly defined goals and the right tools help ensure communication success

In a small company, keeping the lines of communication open with your employees might seem like a no-brainer. But if some or all of your team works remotely—in a branch office, on the road, or at home—staying in touch can seem like a full-time job. It doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and attitude, remote employees can stay productive and in touch with each other and their clients.

Here are five tips to improve communications with mobile workers:

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The Right Network Can Change Everything

Taking a strategic approach to your network will support your business today and in the future

Did you know that in 2009, more data was created than in all prior years combined? That 60 percent of employees believe they don’t need to be in the office to be productive and efficient? And, that by 2015, companies will generate 50 percent of web sales via their presence in social media and mobile devices?

At the rate in which data is growing, technology is advancing, and devices are proliferating; you don’t want to trust your business to a network that’s just “good enough.” Taking a strategic approach to your network makes good business sense.

The right network is one that’s configured to fit your company’s needs, supports your business goals, and has the potential to transform the way you do business. The right network not only empowers the applications and services you’re using today but also those you’re likely to implement in the future—from reliable, secure connectivity for an expanding mobile workforce, to adopting cloud services.

Other benefits of having the right network for your business include:

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Small Business Technology Events: Find Everything Your Business Needs in One Place

Guest post from our friends at SCORE

W. Kenneth Yancey, Jr., CEO
Ken Yancey is responsible for developing SCORE’s business plan and vision as well as coordinating national program efforts and all the association’s management operations. He also directs the efforts of the headquarters staff to serve and support the 370 chapters across the country.  Prior to joining SCORE in 1993, Ken was Executive Director at the National Business Association. A graduate of Texas A&M University (BBA/Finance), Ken is a recipient of the USA Freedom Corp Award of Excellence, the ASAE Summit Award, and the BSA Goose Creek District Award of Merit.

Do you think your small business could run more efficiently?  Maybe you haven’t found the right technology tools yet to streamline your business processes.  Local technology events geared toward small businesses are a great resource for small business owners, providing education, training and networking with technology experts in one location.  And many of these events, including SCORE workshops, are free!

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