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Measuring Cisco’s Ascendance in the Mobile Market

There is now dramatic evidence that Cisco’s focus on intelligent, efficient, end-to-end services via the IP network is transforming the mobile vendor landscape.  As mobile operators shift more of their expenditures from the RAN to the packet core to unleash innovative new services and to IP backhaul to more efficiently and economically offload data traffic, Cisco is becoming the vendor of choice.

Numbers Tell the Story

According to the Q3 2011 Worldwide Mobile IP Infrastructure report just published by ACG Research, mobile operators in large numbers are embracing the shift from radio-centric to IP-centric investments. That conclusion is based on these findings:

  • Quarterly segment revenue has nearly doubled in three years: Since 2008, the worldwide mobile IP infrastructure market (mobile IP backbone, mobile IP backhaul, and packet core) has gone from $550 million in the first quarter of 2008 to more than $1 billion in the third quarter of 2011
  • Brisk year-over-year growth: The total mobile IP infrastructure market grew 14% year over year – Q3 2011 vs. Q3 2010. This includes 10% growth in infrastructure for mobile IP backbone, 10% growth in infrastructure for mobile IP backhaul routing and switching, and 20% growth in infrastructure for packet core (which includes Mobile Packet Core covering 2G and 3G and Evolved Packet Core covering 4G) Read More »

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Mobility and Me

A few weeks back, I signed off from my old role and spoke of my transition into the big bet of mobility for Cisco.  I’m happy to say that I’m squarely in my new seat and thankfully, it’s one that my predecessors have done a tremendous job at.  The accelerated pace of investment and focus for Cisco in mobility is a major reason for my transition.  This is a role that is to spearhead a company wide marketing effort around a slew of compelling new technologies that will come to market over the next few months.  We have much to crow about at Cisco heading into MWC and I hope we’re able to credibly show our customers why Cisco is a transformational partner for their mobility needs.

The next few months will no doubt be filled with excitement but more importantly, the focus of my attention is to accelerate Cisco’s SP mobility offer  to address customers’ monetization and optimization challenges.  Starting this month our drum-beat begins.

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Corny Technology: Welcome to Innovative Iowa

By Steven Shepard, Contributing Columnist

A couple of weeks ago I was in the bustling metropolis of Stanton, Iowa (population: 714), one of the most charming towns I have ever had the pleasure to visit. It is the home town of Mrs. Olson, the iconic figure in Folger’s Coffee commercials — which is why their water towers look so unique (see the photo insert below).

I was working with an independent telephone company client, one of about 1,300 in the U.S. — 250 of which are in Iowa. These independents are typically smaller phone companies, often family-owned, and almost always technologically-advanced.

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Aeneas Dodd-Noble 2011 LTE North America Award LTE Development by an Individual

By Jim O’Leary, Cisco Service Provider Mobility Solutions Marketing Manager

The leaves have turned color and are falling quickly here in New England, the days are getting shorter, and the end of 2011 is fast approaching. But one shining light that occurred last week at LTE North America in Dallas, Texas was Cisco Systems’ Consulting Engineer Aeneas Dodd-Noble receiving the LTE North America Award for Individual Contribution to LTE Development.  This industry recognition was a great acknowledgment of Aeneas’ dedication to working with Verizon Wireless on their LTE network development and deployment.  Aeneas noted that it is really recognition of his team and Cisco’s investment in our people, ingenuity, and leadership on intelligent LTE solutions.

Aeneas talks about LTE deployment at Verizon Wireless in the following video:

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Cable Technologists: Thanks For a Great SCTE Cable-Tec Expo!

To the 10,000 or so of you who joined us in Atlanta this week for the annual Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers Expo – thanks for participating in what was one of the more high-energy, momentous Expos we’ve seen in decades. Wow! What a great one this year.

Starting with the ending, really: On the last afternoon of the show, Steve Callahan, Senior Network Engineer for Time Warner Carolinas, earned the grand prize at the first annual “IP Challenge.” (It wasn’t explicitly because he had fans with handheld signs in the audience [see photo to the left] – Steve really did perform the series of router configurations with alacrity and grace – but it didn’t hurt.
Our overall Cable-Tec Expo 2011 observations: While in years past, engineering to-do lists and intentions were overshadowed by doom-and-gloom predictions of cord-cutters, over-the-top video interlopers, and similar perceived calamity, this year’s Expo attendees were in full-tilt “let’s build it” mode.  The over-arching sentiment was that it’s time to auger in and get fully immersed in this overall transition to IP video. To that we say: Bring it!

In our booth, the two main areas of interest were the nuts-and-bolts details of how to get to “TV Anywhere,” as well as the key architectural elements that will enable the all-IP transition. Watch an unofficial “coffee clutch” video interview between our Mark Palazzo, VP/GM, Cable Access Business Unit, and industry technology columnist Leslie Ellis, about SCTE Expo trends. Read More »

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