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Steps to Optimizing Your Network- Software Strategy

Although I’m calling it the software strategy, it really targets the development of two specific standards: software image and configuration template.  Choosing the correct software will be a critical factor in the success of a deployment.  All the design and best practice efforts will amount to nothing if a critical defect is encountered in software.  Software defects have created their fair share of network outages but what’s most frustrating is that many of these outages are caused by well-known defects that could have easily been avoided with a little research!

Software Risk Analysis

It has been my experience that often customers will deploy a hardware platform with the software that came installed from the factory.  As you can imagine, this leads to a very diverse deployment of software.  In this instance, diversity is not good as it creates a scenario where you cannot manage the risk and it is left to chance. Standardization of your software releases will put you in control of the risk and allow you to properly research software prior to deployment.   Read More »

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