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The .KID Top Level Domain

As a new father and a security professional, it terrifies me to think of my daughter roaming freely around the Internet. However, I feel like restricting her completely will cut off a valuable avenue for education.

Recently, it seems in the media there has been a push to move websites that contain adult content into the .xxx sponsored top level domain (sTLD) in order to easily classify them. While I understand the reasoning for this, there is definitely a large spectrum of additional content which, in my opinion, is unsuitable for children and disallowing access to this sTLD would not provide an adequately restricted environment.

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Valet features…. Cisco Connect software

Did you know that your Valet router includes a simple software suite that provides easy set-up and management of your home network? Unlike other wireless products that require 20 to 30 complicated steps to set up a single computer, Cisco Connect takes you through three steps from start to finish, and lets you know what’s happening on your home network

Simply insert the included Easy Setup Key right into a USB port in their PC or Mac and the Cisco Connect software takes over. The Easy Setup Key retains all setup information and can be easily inserted into additional home computers to seamlessly add them to the home’s wireless network.

Cisco Connect makes it easy to: 1) add additional devices to the network, 2) set parental controls, 3) provide Internet access for guests on a separate guest network and 4) customize personal security settings, such as passwords.

So… what would you like to know about your home network?

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Valet: Featuring… Parental controls

Keeping kids safe online is a recurrent concern for parents, especially in the midst of rising threats like cyber-bullying. How do parents know which programs and websites are threats? And how can they easily manage their child’s online activities? Valet provides a new level of control for parents, using simple tools to manage their family’s online experience.

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