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Paramore Bus Tour Reprise

Our consumer web sites are overflowing with some great new products — like ūmi telepresence for the home,  Flip video cameras and home networking wizardry. So of course that has meant some of the classic features, like our Digital Cribs series from a few months back, have moved off center stage.

One of my favorites in the series was the interactive journey through the band Paramore’s  tour bus.  If you’re a Paramore fan — and who isn’t? — you will be happy to know that we’ve preserved the virtual tour of the Paramore bus. Hayley, Jeremy, Zac, Josh and Taylor talk about how technology helps them connect to their fans and made the tech’d-out tour bus a home away from home. And don’t miss the link to the longer video by the band, which is launched from the video icon at the upper right.

Maybe not quite as high tech as the Cisco Network on Wheels (NOW) bus, but pretty cool!

P.S. After I watch the bus video one more time, I am going shopping this weekend for a ūmi home telepresence setup!

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