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Welcome to Cisco’s New Open at Cisco Blog!

Welcome to Open at Cisco, a place where we would like to keep you aware of things related to open source, open standards, open technologies and open developments in general.  I’ve been at Cisco for several years now, involved in open source; when I started I did not realize how much Cisco has contributed since its inception.  I think the BGP story and how it all started a while back exemplifies the collaborative spirit and nature of our contributions, granted some of them in open standards and some in other open endeavors, nevertheless, open standards and open source, particularly in our industry, go hand in hand, or as the IETF tenet goes, we do believe in rough consensus and running code.

Some of those examples have been listed on our website and as our pace of collaboration and contribution increases and diversifies, we’d like to share it with you.  As we do, we would like to take the time to point out not just the typical contributions we’ve made to important and established things such as the Linux Kernel, Apache projects, Eclipse, or open standards such  as SCTP, but to newer communities as well, such as the Open Stack collaboration mentioned last week, so be sure to check our website and of course, this blog.  We really encourage you to join the conversation by commenting on this blog.

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