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New ways to use the Web for the holidays.

From recipes to ride sharing, collaborative consumption is changing how we get and give.

It’s almost time to buy the Thanksgiving turkey and pull out the Christmas lists. But as the Web explodes as a place many will go to shop, so are sites where we share what we have or do — and you can make money, or save some.

It’s called online sharing or collaborative consumption and it’s when we go to airbnb to stay in someone’s home and Parking Panda to park in their driveway. The choices are swelling for how we can use it for the holidays. is a virtual bakery where you can buy 20 blueberry scones for $88 and a homemade apple pie for $33. But if the thought of $4 scones gives you heartburn, you can buy 10 Thanksgiving recipes for just $5 on

The game changer is social media.

Lauren Anderson, director of says online sharing takes a lot of trust because, after all, you’re staying in someone’s home and eating scones baked by a stranger. Social media is helping many people make that leap of faith through more two-way reviews and visibility to online reputations.

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