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Connecting Sichuan Program Transforms Healthcare and Education in China

In 2008, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake displaces 4.8 million residents and takes 68,000 lives in China’s Sichuan Province.

Following the 2008 earthquake, Cisco in partnership with the Chinese Government created a unique public-private partnership called Connecting Sichuan, a three-year, 45M corporate social responsibility program to revitalize the region, Read More »

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Calling all Students and Alumni of Networking Academy — Submit your videos today!

Students and Alumni of Networking Academy, I want to hear from you!

The deadline for the World’s Largest Classroom Networking Academy Video Contest is fast approaching. You have until Sunday, April 10th at 12 midnight Pacific Standard Time to tell us, “Why is the Cisco Networking Academy like no other?”

This is a great opportunity to represent your region, draw attention to your theatre and put yourself in the running to earn cash prizes and recognition for a job well done!

Thank you to those of you who have already submitted your videos! We have received some great entries to date.

Detailed submission guidelines and prize information is available at Student Video Contest

Get your video in today!

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Developing Talent for a Global Networked Economy

Cisco recently announced that the Cisco Networking Academy has enrolled its 1 millionth concurrent student for the first time. An example of cloud-based education delivery, the Networking Academy teaches students how to design, build, troubleshoot, and secure computer networks for increased access to career and economic opportunities — in communities all around the world.

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The World’s Largest Classroom–1 Million Networking Academy Students and Growing

21st century jobs require 21st century skills, and for nearly 14 years Cisco has been leading the charge to impart these skills to the next generation of workers through our Networking Academy program. And recently, Networking Academy announced that we’ve hit an incredible milestone: this year, we’ve engaged 1 million students! This is a tremendous achievement for Cisco and our education partners, validating our longstanding commitment to being a positive force in our communities around the world.  It solidifies Networking Academy’s place as “The World’s Largest Classroom.”

From Detroit to Dubai, Antigua and Barbuda to Zimbabwe, Networking Academy is having a real impact on the lives of students in 165 countries–and we continue to grow around the world. In the United States for example, there are more than 2,000 Networking Academies currently serving over 140,000 students in all the congressional districts, a 9 percent increase from last year. In Egypt, we grew 11 percent last year, and now have over 350 Networking Academies serving almost 20,000 students (43 percent are female!).

Networking Academy started as a local program, partnering with schools, community colleges and universities to serve the community around Cisco’s offices. Over the years, the Networking Academy has continued to innovate in teaching and learning approaches.  From students in classrooms around the world accessing online activities, assessments and games to using their new IT and 21st century skills, to the 175,000 fans (and growing!) on Facebook, our global Networking Academy community leverages a cloud-based infrastructure to learn, collaborate and succeed in the 21st Century economy.

Our students and alumni are acquiring skills that will open doors and continue to serve them as they progress throughout their careers and become leaders in their communities. Today’s milestone represents is not only achievement for Cisco and the Networking Academy team—it’s a testament to each and every one of those students.

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating them all.

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What’s the Power of the Network?

What do people think of when you say The Network or Networking Technology? What do YOU think? The latter is at the heart of the question we were looking to answer when we created a video from the floor of the 2011 International Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. With the help of few industry leaders, musicians and, of course, your everyday talking, walking robot, we gathered some insightful and diverse answers. Then we put the question to our Cisco Facebook community as well as the Networking Academy Facebook crowd. The answers lead us to crown Cisco’s Facebook SuperFan of the month, William Westman Malmi from Umeå, Sweden.

“In one word: Synergy. The power of many is always greater than the power of one, exponentially.”
William Westman Malmi, on The Power of the Network”

What we learned from the wealth of responses…and what we are still learning as we hope to hear from YOU in this blog post…is that the definition and the relevance of the network varies considerably from person to person, depending on perspective. But, regardless of how it is defined, whether it be a social definition or more technical in focus, one thing is certain, everyone has an answer to this question. And, that alone reflects the true Power of the Network.

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