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NEW! Cisco Announces Highly Scalable Third Generation UCS Networking Fabric

Today Cisco announced an expanded portfolio of third generation UCS Networking products that improve Datacenter scalability, performance and agility with industry leading capabilities. The announcement includes the following new products:

1. A new Fabric Interconnect (Cisco UCS 6296UP) that doubles the switching capacity of the data center fabric to improve workload density (from 960Gbps to 1.92 Tbps), reduces end-to-end latency by 40 percent to improve application performance  and provides flexible unified ports to improve infrastructure agility and transition to a fully converged fabric

2. A new Chassis I/O Module (Cisco UCS 2204XP) that offers enhanced resiliency and utilization with Port Channeling, and an option for 80 Gbps, in addition to 160 Gbps, down to each chassis (from 80Gb to 320Gb to the blade) to handle workload bursts

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How is your network running?

Are you noticing slower-than-usual speeds, dropped connections, and lag in your home network, even though you are using a wireless-N router? If so, it may be time to incorporate a network adapter into your ecosystem. While a wireless-N router can greatly boost speed and range, a corresponding adapter can multiply its efficacy, as we discussed a year ago on this blog.

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