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Flexibility Does Not Equal Complexity

Recently, SearchNetworking posted an interesting article titled “NetFlow v9 is powerful, so why isn’t anyone using it?” Shamus discusses many of the benefits of NetFlow v9:  deeper visibility into application traffic flows and application performance, and the ability to use NetFlow to consolidate and enhance other network management functions.  However, he ends on a sour note:  “but the technology is more complex to learn than the good old reliable v5.  Still enterprises will eventually be forced to make the transition.”

In his article, Shamus points out that customers may feel intimidated by the complexity of NetFlow v9.  I’d like to address this concern with a response.   If you are of my generation, you will no doubt remember carbureted automobile engines.

Maybe you or your dad spent Saturday afternoons tinkering with one in the garage, or maybe you were just caught off-guard when one morning the car wouldn’t start.  Netflow v5 is a lot like a carbureted engine:  it is very common, anyone familiar with it knows how it works, and it is easy to set-up.  Now, let’s fast-forward to the current generation of technology.

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