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Open MPI new versioning scheme and roadmap

Open MPI recently updated its version numbering scheme and development roadmap.

This new scheme aims to provide more semantic information in the Open MPI “A.B.C” version number to both end users and system administrators.

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MPI-3.1: It’s official!

Woo hoo!

MPI 3.1 votes: aside from one organization who had the leave before the final vote, the MPI Forum unanimously voted to approve MPI-3.1.

Get your fresh, hot copy of the MPI-3.1 specification (I’m told that physical books will become available in the coming months for those who are interested — can you guess what color the books will be?).

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MPI newbie: What is “operating system bypass”?

The term “operating system bypass” (or “OS bypass”) is typically tossed around in MPI and HPC conversations; it’s generally something that is considered a “must have” in order to get good performance with many MPI applications.

But what is it?  And if it’s good for performance, why don’t all applications use OS bypass?

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That Jonathan Dursi blog entry

Jonathan Dursi recently posted a fairly controversial blog entry entitled “HPC is dying, and MPI is killing it.”

Some people immediately dismissed the blog post (and its followups) as trolling.  Others praised Jonathan for bringing up the issues.

Brock Palen and I recently chatted with Jonathan about this blog entry on RCE-Cast.

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A supercomputer in your browser

A supercomputer in your browserCisco is pleased to announce the “Supercomputer in your browser” (SiYB) project, designed to bring the rich High Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem to the world’s most popular software: web browsers.

The free SiYB software is a web browser plugin that is easily installed on any desktop or laptop computer running Windows, OS X, or Linux.

“I’ve been working in the HPC ecosystem for over 25 years, ” says Rich Brueckner, president of insideHPC Media, “This is the most innovative, wide-reaching initiative I’ve seen in a long time.  It has the potential to completely revolutionize the HPC industry.”

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